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Thursday, 2 September 2021

ABBA Voyage 2021 - ABBA At Waterloo Station !


ABBA Voyage 2nd September 2021

Promotion for this special event has been fantastic ! Just wish some it came our way here in Australia.

Fabulous advertising seen this morning at Waterloo Station in London UK.

I actually really like the image. These are the best versions of their faces I have seen - and I love the futuristic look, ties in nicely with holograms 😍

Only 7 hours to go !!!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

ABBA Voyage On Youtube - Live Stream Coming !


ABBA Voyage - the Special Event - will be streamed Live on youtube on 2nd September 2021.

Be sure to save it and watch the countdown leading up to the main event !




Tuesday, 31 August 2021

ABBA On TikTok - ABBA Voyage 2021


30 AUGUST 2021
Following rumors of new music - ABBA joins TikTok.
Today, millions of fans around the world say "Thank you for the music" when the legends Agnetha, Benny, BjΓΆrn and Anni-Frid announce that they are joining TikTok. ABBA's music catalog, Sweden's largest music export of all time, will now be available on TikTok and the group will also start an account on the platform. BjΓΆrn confirmed earlier this year that the band will meet in the studio to record new songs and on ABBA's TikTok account, fans will be able to follow the latest news.
ABBA's greatness internationally does not need to be explained, especially not here in Sweden. Their beloved hits that have dominated the charts around the world are now available for all TikTok users to use in videos on the popular platform.
Of the music groups that are not on TikTok, ABBA has been the most sought after on the platform and their songs have been the most in demand. Until now, fans on TikTok have instead been allowed to sing ABBA's music themselves, and earlier this year the hashtag #DancingQueenChallenge, where users challenged each other to sing the immensely popular song, became a success with over 160 million video views. Iconic songs such as "Slipping Through My Fingers" and "Chiquitita" have also inspired TikTok trends with millions of video views around the world.
As of today, ABBA's music is available on TikTok's audio page and an official ABBA hashtag is launched for all fans, both old and new, to gather around. TikTok users can now use classic songs like "Dancing Queen", "Take a Chance on Me" and "The Winner Taked it All" in their videos. The band's official TikTok account @ABBA is now also live, where the first video is a piano version of "Dancing Queen".
The fact that ABBA joins TikTok and that their music catalog will be available on the platform is a first step in a larger collaboration between TikTok and ABBA, which has previously indicated that they have something very big going on. Fans can now follow ABBA on TikTok to take part in exciting news in the future.
- TikTok, and myself as a Swede, are so proud to welcome Agnetha, Benny, BjΓΆrn and Anni-Frid to the platform and to offer Sweden's largest music export of all time to fans all over the world. Our users have already shown us with all their videos that this is the music they have been waiting for and it will now be very exciting to see how ABBA can inspire a new generation of fans and initiate a new wave of creativity with the songs that have so long defined pop music, says Farhad Zand, Head of Music Partnerships at TikTok.
ABBA Voyage on TikTok
ABBA on TikTok

Friday, 27 August 2021

ABBA Worlwide Events For ABBA Voyage !



There are events happening in various places around the world for the launch of ABBA Voyage.

I will add more here as they pop up.

What I want to know is, what about Australia ? May be a bit hard at the moment with whole states in lockdown πŸ˜₯



LONDON - Benny's son Ludwig 

STOCKHOLM - of course πŸ˜ƒ

"Live from Stockholm, the event "ABBA Voyage" will be presented all over the world at the same time. In cooperation with Universal Music, this unique event can be seen in Austria at the Film Festival."






Thursday, 26 August 2021

ABBA Worldwide Event ! September 2021



Oh how I wish I was in Europe !!

There is going to be a world wide ABBA - Voyage event on September 2nd!
Historic ABBA evening at the Film Festival on Vienna's Rathausplatz.
Worldwide broadcast: The future of ABBA will be heralded on September 2nd!
Vienna (OTS) - When music history is made on September 2, 2021, the Film Festival on Vienna's Rathausplatz will be there live: after almost four decades, the Swedish pop group ABBA invites you to a historic evening.
Live from Stockholm, the event "ABBA Voyage" will be presented all over the world at the same time. In cooperation with Universal Music, this unique event can be seen in Austria at the Film Festival.
All fans and friends of the timeless pop icons are invited to Vienna's Rathausplatz to celebrate the future of ABBA together.
On this special occasion, the Film Festival will open its doors to ABBA fans from young to old on September 2nd at 4:00 p.m. From 6 p.m. a live DJ will also provide musical accompaniment for the evening and get the film festival audience to dance with the most beautiful songs from ABBA. The worldwide broadcast of "ABBA Voyage" starts at 6:45 pm!
At around 8:30 pm, ABBA fans can look forward to the recording "ABBA in Concert", in which the band can be seen on one of their legendary tours and also in 1979 in London's Wembley Arena. The band's greatest hits can be experienced up close on the big screen at this unforgettable concert highlight: from “Waterloo” to “Dancing Queen” everything that makes the hearts of pop lovers beat faster.
As before, visitors must be tested, recovered or vaccinated and register for the event with their contact details. For organizational reasons, you are asked to complete your registration online at https://registrierung.filmfestival-rathausplatz.at/ before visiting. 
Please note that from September 1st, PCR tests are only valid for 48 hours from collection (for children under 12: 72 hours), antigen tests by designated facilities are valid for 24 hours. As usual, entry is free.

New ABBA Music Coming 2 September ! Official !!


ABBA Voyage

OMG are you as excited as me ?

We finally have Official confirmation that something special is happening on 2nd September 2021 !

We first heard that ABBA had recorded new music back on 27th April 2018 - and now it's coming !

But wait - there's more !

There will be a documentary type film which will be shown in conjunction with the long awaited ABBA avatars concert show. Title is 'ABBA Voyage'.

A purpose built theatre is going ahead in London for this show with a (hopefully) Premiere date of May 2022.

A couple of articles about that here: 



So, also perhaps the name of a new album ? I hope so !!

I guess we will know very soon πŸ˜€

Register to be kept update here:


Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok here:






Images of the new purpose built theatre in London 😊 




Wednesday, 24 April 2019

ABBA Voulez Vous 40th Anniversary Releases ! Pre-order Now !!

ABBA Voulez Vous 40th Anniversary Releases

Today the new releases for the Anniversary became available to pre-order !

Already online stores are selling out of specific items.
If you haven't ordered yet, better be quick !

I can't wait to receive these - lovely set to commemorate this awesome album πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

Items on offer include:

1. Voulez-Vous Half Speed Master Album - 2LP

2.  The Singles Coloured Vinyl Boxset - 7 singles

3.  Chiquitita 7" Picture Disc

4.  Does Your Mother Know 7" Picture Disc

5.  I Have A Dream 7" Picture Disc

6.  Voulez-Vous 7" Picture Disc

7.  Summer Night City 7" Picture Disc

8.  Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 7" Picture Disc

9.  Voulez-Vous Extended Dance Mix 7" Picture Disc

Available for pre-order from the following sites:

uDiscover Music - Universal

ABBA The Museum Webshop

The Official International ABBA Fan Club

Watch out for them to show on Amazon sites and other online music retailers.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

My Little ABBA Interview Plus Collection Pics - 4 March 2019

Mamma Mia Here I Go Again !

Yesterday, 4 March 2019, I did a little TV interview for The Morning Show on Channel 7 here in Australia. It was a segment called 'Superfan'. Such a big build up to doing the interview, and then it's over so quickly ! I enjoyed being able to show off some of my collection though πŸ˜„

I decided that since it was only one day out from the 42nd Anniversary of ABBA's first Australian concert (the one I went to) that I should appear on the show in a 1977 Tour costume.
I chose Frida's Dancing Queen dress.
I had this custom made for me by a very talented young lady named Miriam Braithwaite from Miriam's Dress Designs based on the Gold Coast and I think she did a brilliant job, especially when she was only working from photos - and instructions from me.
Miriam even hand weaved the frog closures ! So clever πŸ˜€
I did contribute to the costume a little by making the embellishment/applique on the front bottom of the dress - which I think turned out ok with the materials available to me 😊
My fabulous hat was organised for me by my beautiful Aunty, Narelle Cameron and crocheted by Karen Fenton from the Central Coast of NSW.

It felt good to be in such a lovely costume and I am very grateful to those who helped with this.

Thanks Channel 7, The Morning Show, and the 2 fabulous hosts Kylie Gillies and Ryan Phelan - love their intro 😍

Links for the interview video:

The Morning Show on Facebook:

The Morning Show on Twitter - no account needed to watch here:

A little clip showing us watching my interview afterwards - and our reaction to one segment - couldn't help but laugh ! My husband is such a great sport about all of this πŸ˜‚

Some pics of my costume:

Couldn't resist !

Mamma Mia costume as seen on the show πŸ˜ƒ

Some pics of my collection that were shown in the segment plus some extras 😍

It is quite impossible to get photos of my entire collection - not enough space to display it all - but I think these pics are a nice selection πŸ˜ƒ