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Monday, 11 May 2015

New ABBA Collection Item - Fernando Dress !

I am over the moon to find this Fernando dress - how amazing is this ?

And I was so lucky that the seller was so willing to help me out to get it to me really fasy so I could wear it recently at the Trundle ABBA Festival.

I felt special wearing it, that's for sure - and received so many comments on it, and so many people asked where it came from. They were then very disappointed to find out it came from Mexico in 1975.

I wonder if that was where Agnetha and Frida got their dresses from ?

And even more amazing - I now have a second dress. This one is pale green with slightly different embroidery and neckline. It needs slight repair though so will add a photo after that is done :)

The second Fernando Dress.
This one is closer to my size - a little smaller than the first one - and has a slightly rounded neckline.
I love this one - even though it is a very pale green, rather than white.
Can't believe I have two dresses now ! :)


  1. Awesome, i'm from México And The dress comes from a Big México state named Oaxaca.

    1. Yes, that's right Jorge :) I have a few of these dresses now - love them !