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Saturday, 16 June 2012

New ABBA Collection Item - Aussie Jumper

These jumpers were a common sight in Australia in the 70's. Not the most stylish, or even the most attractive of garments, but still great rare Aussie memorabilia these days.
This one is a registered Reg Grundy product however there were also t-shirts and jumpers available before Reg Grundy became involved in the merchandise.
All items are the same, made by the same companies, but not all have Reg Grundy on them.

New ABBA Collection Item - Aussie T-Shirt

What a fabulous t-shirt !
This has to be my favourite at the moment - can't go past the LOIS pictures.
Great Australian memorabilia :)
This one was obviously available before the name ABBA became a registered trademark and before Reg Grundy became involved with the merchandise - both of which happened during 1976.
As most would know, these items were available from early in 1976. The trademarks were later added to all merchandise - but merchandise was still made by the same companies here in Australia.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Rare ABBA Video - So Long TOTP 1974 !

This is an extremely rare video from Top Of The Pops 1974.
Thought to be lost and no longer in the archives, this was recently sourced by Sara of abbaontv fame from a private collection.
Many thanks for her persistence in obtaining this amazing footage !

Click the link to watch it on youtube:

More info courtesy of Alex Jones:

As with all appearances in Britain (which was why they stopped coming to Top Of The Pops after Fernando!) they had to re-record their track using British technicians.

So the song was re-done in the BBC studio and then they lip-synched back to the new "hastily made" recording for the TV broadcast. So what you're seeing probably isn't wholly live, but it is definitely a new recording just for the occasion.

This was terribly unfair as UK groups could appear on TOTP miming to their records. ABBA were, after all, masters of the "recorded sound" but they were unable to show this off on TV in Britain as they could elsewhere in Europe.

They got around this for the Mike Yarwood Show and just added slight British elements to their studio recordings of If It Wasn't For The Nights and Thank You For The Music to "fool" the British unions into thinking that they were completely "redone".

To add insult to injury, this So Long performance was reported to have never been broadcast in the UK owing to industrial action blacking out the show at the time (Unions were very strong in television and elsewhere in Britain in the 1970s) and therefore So Long became the only ABBA song not to get properly exposed and failed to chart in Britain.

For years it was thought to have been a lost recording...but now it's surfaced in someone's private collection.

Thanks to Sara for her continued endeavours in ABBA fandom in bringing this to the world's attention. The crowing glory of her ABBA On TV website! x

Agnetha Out And About June 2012 !

Last night (June 7th) was the Royal Tour to honour the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest - Loreen - at the Bernadotte Art Awards Gala at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Royals at the event included Prince Carl Philip, Queen Nor of Jordan, Queen Farah of Iran, Princess Isabel of Portugal to name a few. Two Swedish artists who know how it feels to win Eurovision were also in attendance - Carola and Agnetha Faltskog. Agnetha said of Loreen "Superb. I wish her every success. She is an exciting performer in every way."

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

New ABBA Collection Item - 2012 LOIS Poster

These fabulous posters are new and are to promote the comeback of LOIS Jeans this year !
Measures about 60 x 60cm
Gorgeous !

Saturday, 2 June 2012

New ABBA Collection Item - National Poster

This fabulous National Promo Poster is from Australia.
The size is 74 x 49cm
This is not on usual poster paper but a heavy cardboard - just stunning !