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Saturday, 16 June 2012

New ABBA Collection Item - Aussie T-Shirt

What a fabulous t-shirt !
This has to be my favourite at the moment - can't go past the LOIS pictures.
Great Australian memorabilia :)
This one was obviously available before the name ABBA became a registered trademark and before Reg Grundy became involved with the merchandise - both of which happened during 1976.
As most would know, these items were available from early in 1976. The trademarks were later added to all merchandise - but merchandise was still made by the same companies here in Australia.


  1. Where can I find this shirt, if I want to buy it?! Help please.

  2. You may have a hard time finding one of these Clara. They rarely come up for sale. I can only say to watch out on Ebay.

    1. You are right and I also explored that they are very pricy (or expensive?). But thank you for answering!