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Thursday, 30 May 2013

New ABBA Collection Item - Second Agnetha Vinyl Banner

I love this one dedicated to 'When You Really Loved Someone'
Includes the lyrics

This will look amazing up on the wall :)



New ABBA Collection Item - Agnetha Vinyl Banner

I designed this banner of Agnetha and I love it !
My favourite picture of her from the new photo shoots :)

The banner measures 90 x 50cm and is on a great quality vinyl - better than paper posters I think.

I will post a pic of the actual item as soon as I receive it :)


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ABBA - Rock Classics Magazine

Great magazine dedicated to ABBA - Rock Classics Nr. 10

All in German - but has 4 posters as well as 100 pages devoted to ABBA alone :)

11 Euro within Europe - 15 Euro for the rest of the world.

The prices include postage.

Scroll down to see the cover and a few inside pages - and check it out here:


Order from this page:


This is the translation on the pages, saying how to order - pay by paypal and then email them your name and address just to be sure - mention you are ordering Nr. 10 also just to be sure:

For 11 Euro including postage (Europe) and 15 euros (worldwide) you can ROCK CLASSICS # 10 ABBA directly via PAYPAL
nachbestellung@slam-zine.com order!
The ultimate ABBA special edition with 100 pages:
- Biographies and news
- Interviews
- Rarities Memorabilia
- 4 posters and much more

Now more current than ever before!

Please do not forget to send your address nachbestellung@slam-zine.com!

New ABBA Collection Items - Agnetha

My lovely little 'A' collection so far -

CD album
LP vinyl album
CD Single - When You Really Loved Someone
Picture Disc 7" Vinyl - When You Really Loved Someone
'A' Promotional record store poster

Looks good all together :)




Agnetha - Interview In Mojo Magazine

A great little article in Mojo Magazine's July Issue - thanks to Carl Magnus Palm for brining this to our attention :)


Friday, 24 May 2013

Agnetha: ABBA & After - BBC Documentary

Agnetha Fältskog’s extraordinary singing career began when she was only 15 years old. But in just two years she was knocking The Beatles off the top of the Swedish pop charts writing her own material.

This new programme features exclusive access to Agnetha in the studio and with her colleagues of both recent years and from ABBA, assessing and celebrating her journey as Sweden's 'girl with the golden hair'.
Her self-penned debut single “Jag var så kar”, (I Was So In Love) sold more than 80,000 copies and she fast became one of Sweden’s most popular music artists. However, a chance meeting with Björn Ulvaeus led to her marriage, winning Eurovision and the phenomenal ABBA years.
With ABBA’s success came hard work, TV appearances, vast crowds, demanding tours and for Agnetha being away from her children eventually caused her great turmoil.
Agnetha loved being in the recording studio, and Frida and Agnetha without doubt gave the ABBA songs a distinct sound. However, many argue that ABBA would not have reached the same heights without Agnetha’s pure voice and arresting beauty. For this shy girl from the small Swedish town of Jönköping it was a struggle to match up to co-star Frida who had such confidence and a natural flair for performing.
After a much-publicised divorce from Björn, and as ABBA eventually came to an end, Agnetha briefly tried to build a solo career with moderate success until she eventually walked away from the public eye traumatised by fame.
Since then, the world’s press has engaged in an endless game of conjecture about the private life of a women catapulted to international stardom in 1974. But now, after 25 years, Agnetha Fältskog has stepped back into the limelight with new material after working with successful writer Jörgen Elofsson, who has written for artists such as Britney Spears and Westlife.
Back writing again herself, she has also recorded a duet with singer-songwriter Gary Barlow on the album. The vocals were recorded separately and, exclusively in this documentary, Gary Barlow meets Agnetha for the first time.
This intimate and revealing programme features interviews with Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Gary Barlow, Tony Blackburn, record producer Peter Nordahl, Jörgen Elofsson and Sir Tim Rice
Exec Producer: Mark Cooper / Producer & Director: Samantha Peters.

Tuesday 11 June

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

And The Winner Is .... Agnetha Poster Competition

Congratulation to Nigel Hussey from the UK !!

You have won the Agnetha 'A' Promo Poster !

Thank you so much for all the wonderful entries :)

The top 3 songs choices were:

1. The Winner Takes It All
2. The Day Before You Came
3. I Was A Flower

Agnetha Faltskog Interview - Bliss TV - Part 2

Agnetha Faltskog Interview - Bliss TV - Part 1

Agnetha Faltskog - Elvis Presley Still Does It For Me

The Comeback: ABBA's Agnetha Fältskog


By Sami Pritchard

Her new album has already charted in the UK. What does the summer have in store for her?
This summer, ABBA’s Agnetha Fältskog returns with A, her first album of original material since 1987. It's already debuted at No. 6 on the UK album charts. Although you should temper any expectations of the “Dancing Queen”–style belters with which she achieved fame and glory, the bittersweet ballad “When You Really Loved Someone” proves that her voice has lost none of its elegance. We caught up.
What’s the most personal song on A?
It would be the song that I wrote myself: “I Keep Them on the Floor Beside My Bed.” It was a great satisfaction to be able write music again.
Why do you think ABBA has attracted such a loyal gay following?
I think it partly comes from how ABBA was presented from the start -- with high heels, spectacular costumes, and music you wanted to dance to.
Why is Sweden everywhere, from Robyn to Ikea and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?
We have been very open-minded about picking up influences from around the world, especially from England and the United States.
It’s your voice that dominates in the ABBA classic “The Winner Takes It All.” How did you feel watching Meryl Streep sing it in Mamma Mia?
It’s never an easy task to try to perform a song as well as the original, but she is a great actress and did her own interpretation that suits the
movie wonderfully.
As a child you were a big fan of Connie Francis. Who are your other music heroes?
One of my absolute favorites is Nina Simone. When she sings it hurts inside of me. Elvis Presley still does it for me. I wish I’d had the chance to sing a duet with him.
ABBA now has its own museum in Stockholm, including a life-sized hologram of the band. How does it feel to be a tourist attraction?
A bit weird because we are still alive! But it’s good to have a place where I can leave my ABBA clothes and accessories.



Agnetha Poster Competition Now Closed

Entries for the Agnetha 'A' Promo Poster have now closed.
I thank everyone for their wonderful answers :)
My impartial third party will review all the entries tomorrow and I will anounce the winner at 6pm (AEST) tomorrow evening (Tuesday).
Good luck to everyone :)

I will also reveal the top 3 song choices - I wonder which 3 they'll be ?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Agnetha 'A' Debuts At Number 3 In Australia !

Agnetha's beautiful new album 'A' has debuted at number 3 on the Australian Aria charts !
Brilliant result :)

For all relevant chart details from around the world, check out this awesome site 'ABBA Worldwide Chart Lists' which is maintained by the fabulous Trent Nickson:



Sunday, 19 May 2013

ABBA Overtakes The Beatles !

Abba's greatest hits collection has overtaken The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper in the chart of the biggest selling albums in British musical history.
While both albums have sold over 5.1 million copies in the UK, the Swedish band's 1992 Best Of collection has now nudged ahead of The Beatles' 1967 album by nearly 15,000 copies.
An estimated one in five British households owns a copy of either Gold or Sgt Pepper's.
The announcement coincides with this year's Eurovision Song Contest being held in Abba's homeland. The group won Eurovision in 1974 with Waterloo, which became their first number one single in the UK.
Bjorn Ulvaeus, who co-wrote Abba hits including Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You and The Name Of The Game said: “It feels unreal - outselling the greatest record of all time.”
Queen's 1981 Greatest Hits album remains the UK's most popular, with 5.9 million sales.
Adele's 2011 album, 21, and Oasis' 1995 second album, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, complete the top 5.
This week may also mark a double celebration for Abba, with the group's former singer Agnetha Faltskog looking set to score the highest-charting solo album of her career this evening.
Her new offering, A, looks likely to break the top 10 according to mid-week sales figures, while her previous UK best, My Colouring Book, peaked at Number 12.


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Agnetha Fältskog was praised by CHAIR on tonight's release party in Stockholm

Agnetha received SKAP price for Kai Gullmar memory in Stockholm on Friday evening. Photo: Kjell Holmstrand.

At Friday night's release party in Stockholm for the new album "A" received the singer and composer Agnetha SKAP price for Kai Gullmar memory. SKAP director Johan Ekelund, presented the award.

Motivation is as follows:

Always present and with an unparalleled position in the Swedish music's history and future - SKAP price for Kai Gullmar memory 2013 allocated Agnetha Fältskog.

Past recipients of the SKAP price for Kai Gullmar memory is Nina Persson (2012) and Lena Philipson (2011).

Kai Gullmar has been called Sweden's first female popular composer and was one of the 1900s most successful and beloved composers. She wrote over 500 songs, including sailor waltzes, ballads, film music and evergreens.

The scholarship amount is SEK 40 000. Each year CHAIR out some thirty awards and scholarships for highlighting the composers and text writers behind the music we all listen to.

CHAIR - Swedish Composers of Popular Music is the Swedish association for professional composers, lyricists and arrangers. CHAIR conducts on behalf of its more than 1,000 members lobbying nationally and internationally, offers member service and is the principal of the STIM.

CHAIR holds 2013-2016 presidency of ECSA - European Composer & Songwriter Alliance and collaborate through ECSA with MCNA - Music Creators North America. Together they represent ECSA and MCNA national music creates organizations and their members in over 30 countries.


Agnetha Poster Competition - Closing Soon !

I have had some wonderful entries for the Agnetha 'A' Promotional Poster Competition.
But there is still time to get your entry in !
Competition closes 20 May so don't miss out -
Enter here:


Thursday, 16 May 2013

New ABBA Collection Item - Agnetha Picture Disc

I love it !!!

Agnetha 'When You Really Loved Someone' 7" Picture Disc

Agnetha Faltskog Becomes Loose Woman !

Abba's Agnetha Faltskog becomes Loose Woman for the day
and admits "there's no way the band will reunite"

The Swedish legend was quizzed by Carol Vorderman about duetting with Gary Barlow on her new album and why there'll never be an Abba reunion

ABBA singer Agnetha Faltskog has become a Loose Woman for the day as she was quizzed by Carol Vorderman.
The pair met up in London in front of the ITV cameras to discuss Agnetha's new solo album, her first music for over three decades.
But first she spoke about the UK's Eurovision hopeful Bonnie Tyler, and 63-year-old Agnetha said: “Does she need any advice? I don't think so. I think she has a great voice. I wish her all the best. Really.”
The former Eurovision winner went on to say that Sweden have a “very strong song” themselves for the event in Malmo at the weekend and that she would be watching.
Referring to her own music, Agnetha said: “It came out like this, I have a girlfriend who was calling me and saying that Jorgen Elofsson who was the producer and also composer of the record and Peter Nordahl the arranger would like to meet me and play three new songs for me. I was very curious and exciting and I just felt I had to do this.”
Agnetha Faltskog
Agnetha Faltskog

 She took vocal lessons to get back to her best and the new album A even includes a duet with Gary Barlow, although it was not recorded together.
“When he did his recording in Stockholm, I was on vacation so I didn't meet him,” Agnetha said of the Take That star.
“I just heard his voice in the ear phone and I thought I have to match this wonderful voice in a duet, how can I do that? I just imagine him standing beside and we sang to each other.
“I recently met him here for the first time.”
Agnetha, who was married to bandmate Bjorn Ulvaeus as they had huge success in the Seventies, talked about her Abba roots for the interview which goes out on Loose Women today(THURS).
She is delighted people are still fans of the music and said: “Oh that means a lot, it goes from generation to generation and you can wonder why, it's because it's such a good energy in it, I think the girls and the boys want to dress like us and they want to sing along.”
But she admitting continuing in the band after her divorce from Bjorn was tough and put on a strain on everything.
Asked if she was still in touch with the other members, she added: “Yes I met Anni-Frid last summer in vacation, we sat down and had a long talk and got very nostalgic, we have a lot of good memories together and I meet Benny now and again in his studio and I meet Bjorn often because of the children and grandchildren.
"We see each other now and again.”
Sadly Agnetha finished the chat by confirming Abba would not be reforming.
As Carol, 52, cried “noooooo”, Agnetha said: “There's no way I think. We have our own separate lives now and it's so long way back, we are getting older and I think in a way we should let Abba rest.”

You can see the full chat on Loose Women today (Thurs) on ITV.

In her first interview for almost 30 years, Agnetha said the band's shows were nothing compared to today's acts as they were not taught how to perform on stage.
And the reclusive star also admitted she never enjoyed appearing live.
She said: "I'm more of a recording person, I prefer to be private.
"I didn't mind doing videos, I can take that, but walking on stage in concert and singing live, that is a bit difficult. And I don't think we sounded or looked very good."



Agnetha To Appear On UK's 'Loose Women' TV Show

Agnetha's pre-recorded interview will air today - 16 May - between 12.00pm and 1.00pm (UK time)on the UK's 'Loose Women' TV program.

Check the website here:


And watch out for it on their itvplayer here:


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Agnetha Faltskog Photos - Recording 'A'

Some wonderful new photos of Agnetha taken during the recording of 'A'

Original Article is here in Polish:


Looks like this one may be for a clip for one of the songs - I wonder which one ?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Agnetha Faltskog: “I have suffered from bad self-confidence” - The Big Issue May 2013 UK

Ex-Abba star Agnetha Faltskog talks to The Big Issue about her return to music after more than 30 years.

After over three decades of hiding from the public eye, pop superstar Agnetha Faltskog is back.
Abba idol Agnetha was one of the most famous faces in music in the 1970s, as the Swedes’ popularity exploded across the world, before she disappeared from public life following the band’s split in 1982.
The 63-year-old’s solo album A is released today, but she told The Big Issue how a conversation with daughter Linda Ulvaeus almost put her return to the recording studio on ice.
Agnetha explained: “I talked with my daughter when I was wondering if I should record this new album or not. She said: 'Are you really going into that again? Think twice!' And I did. And then I did it!”
In a candid Letter To My Younger Self, mum-of-two Agnetha reflected on the pitfalls of success, how she has grown to handle her insecurities and the importance of self-confidence.
“I would tell my younger self that winning the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo in 1974 will be the most fantastic thing, but it will also bring problems,” she said.
“My daughter was only one year old, and when we had this enormous success everybody wanted us. It felt really bad leaving her, even though we always had good people taking care of her.
“By the time my son was born in 1977 we were all over the world. [ABBA sold 375 million albums and created hysteria at live shows in Australia and Europe].
“It wasn’t easy doing everything at the same time: world career, getting married, having two children during these years, and then having a divorce one year after my son was born. That was very, very difficult.”
She added: “I would warn 16-year-old Agnetha that she will need stamina. This life gives you a lot but it also takes. You can never be ill. Even if you have a fever you have to work. We had only two cancelled concerts during the Abba tours.
“At 16 I knew I had songs inside me, and she’d be pleased I am writing songs now. It’s not often I sit by the piano and compose, and when I decided to write a song for this album I had to work for it. But I think it is something that will stay with me.
“The advice I would give 16-year-old Agnetha about romance is: never give up! And rely on yourself. It’s so easy to have bad self-confidence, and I have suffered from that.
“Everyone needs someone who says you’re good, you’re very good, you’re better than you think you are. That’s important.”
To read the full interview with Agnetha Faltskog, buy this week’s Big Issue, on sale now


Monday, 13 May 2013

Agnetha Faltskog Awarded Composer Prize !

It's SKAP - Svenska kompositörer av Populärmusic (Swedish composers of pop music) - who awards prizes and scholarships to Swedish artists. Agnetha was awarded with SKAP's prize to the memory of Kai Gullmar. Kai Gullmar was a female Swedish schlager composer, singer and actress who lived 1905-1982. About 10 prizes/scholarships will be awarded at SKAP's traditional spring party on May 20 at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. No word on whether Agnetha will show up to accept her prize.

Original article here in Swedish:


English translation:

Sarah Dawn Finer, Michel Zitron and Agnetha Fältskog among the prized at the Spring Music Festival.

Gullan Bornemark, Jade Ell, Sarah Dawn Finer, Agnetha Fältskog, Toni Holgersson, Nils Landgren, Peter LeMarc, Mohammed Ali Ryback & Rawa, Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin and Michel Zitron. There are those musicians who may receive awards and scholarships at the SKAP traditional Spring Festival on May 20
It reveals CHAIR in collaboration with the music service Tunigo, where the official announcement published with explanations and a playlist of all the price and scholarship recipients.
- The women and the men behind the music is the core of the music scene. In Sweden we have been blessed with both breadth and depth among musicians, which meant that Swedish musicians and Swedish music industry ever get recognition, not only here at home but also internationally, says SKAP president Alfons Karabuda.

Each year CHAIR out thirty prizes and scholarships to pay attention to authors, copyright Women and creative diversity. A dozen of these will be awarded at the SKAP traditional Spring Festival, which has become the obvious meeting place for composers, artists, professionals, policy makers and cultural personalities. On May 20, collected upwards of 500 guests at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

The recipients of awards and scholarships at the Spring Festival on May 20 are:
CHAIR-scholarships• Jade Ell• Sarah Dawn Finer• Al Rybak & Ali Rawa (Mohammed Ali);
• Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums)• Michel Zitron
Other awards and scholarships
• Scholarship from Fred Winters Memorial Fund: Gullan Bornemark• SKAP price for Kai Gullmar memory: Agnetha Fältskog• Scholarship from Ejnar Westling Memorial Fund: Toni Holgersson• SKAP Honorary Award: Nils Landgren• Scholarship from Sven Paddocks Memorial Fund: Peter LeMarc
Read more at Tunigo, where you will find explanations and playlist.
Price and scholarship amount is SEK 40 000 regardless of category. Each year CHAIR out some thirty awards and scholarships, including a dozen of Spring Festival, for highlighting the composers and text writers behind the music we all listen to.
CHAIR - Swedish Composers of Popular Music is the Swedish association for professional composers, lyricists and arrangers. CHAIR conducts on behalf of its more than 1,000 members lobbying nationally and internationally, offers member service and is the principal of the STIM.
CHAIR holds 2013-2016 presidency of ECSA - European Composer & Songwriter Alliance and collaborate through ECSA with MCNA - Music Creators North America. Together they represent ECSA and MCNA national music creates organizations and their members in over 30 countries.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

WIN !!!! Agnetha 'A' Promo Poster !

Win this beautiful 60 x 60cm Agnetha 'A' Promo Poster !!
Just click the link below for details.

Courtesy of J B Hifi at Bundall QLD


Win Agnetha 'A' Promo Poster !!

Watch this space for details on how to win this beautiful Agnetha 'A' Promo Poster ...
Details coming soon !

Agnetha Faltskog Interview - BBC1 'Breakfast'

'Breakfast' on BBC 1
10 May 2013

Agnetha Has Left The Building

Agnetha has now left London - but there are still pre-recorded interviews coming up over the next week.

A few photos from fans on the scene as Agnetha left her Hotel in London for the last time :)

Photos taken by:  Eddie Moss, Warren Ramage, Neil Standring


Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 16

Question 16: Hi Agnetha! My name is Maria, and I am from Guatemala, Central America....After a long time of not having any touch with the music scene or the fans or the press...suddenly you are back....why? what changed in yourself or in your life to decide to comeback? Maria Tecas

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 15

Question 15: Hi Agnetha, another life long fan from South Australia. Do you think another album will follow "A" in the next couple of years? Really looking forward to hearing this album, I've missed your voice. Gavin Dunning

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 14

Question 14: You have been such an intricate part of so many people's lives and memories. What do you want to be your legacy? What would be the one thing you wish to be remembered for the most. Sven Paardekooper

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 13

Question 13: You have recorded a lot of very sad songs over the years and seem to have a natural instinct for expressing the sadness of lost love. Are sad songs the most powerful for you? Steven Jones

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 12

Question 12: My question would be:- It's wonderful that you sit at the piano with your grandchildren. If one of your grand-daughters said she wanted to be a pop star, what advice would you give her? Gary Collins

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 11

Question 11: Are we gonna have the chance to see you at the stage doing a live performance, something like a concert or mini-tour? Eddy Stronger

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 10

Question 10: Hi Agnetha from Sean here at RADIO IRISH in New York. What is your favourite song on your new album 'A' ... and why is this your favourite song? Sean McCarthy.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 9

Question 9: Agnetha, what kind of music do you listen to? Paul Bainbridge

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 8

Question 8: Hello Agnetha. So exciting to hear your beautiful voice again. Much love to you. My question is: if you were to collaborate with other contemporary entertainers, who would you choose? David (Brisbane - Australia) x

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 7

Question 7: What moments are the ones that you still remember like they happened yesterday? (From your solo career and/or ABBA-era). Jenni Jukkala

Agnetha Appearing on 'The One Show' UK

Agnetha will be appearing on 'The One Show' at 7pm on BBC

A sneak peek picture of Agnetha with Cerys.

Find out more here:


Agnetha BBC 2 Radio Interview With Ken Bruce

Apologies to anyone who already read my other post about this interview - bit of a mix up ...

The interview is coming up shortly at:


Tune in now to catch it ... or check back here for the audio afterwards :)

Agnetha with Ken Bruce - BBC 2 Radio

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 6

Question 6: How was working with Jörgen and Peter different from working with other producers you've worked with? Onno Conde Nieto

Hey, this person has had 2 questions now - what about others ?

Agnetha Australian TV Interview - Part 2 !!

Channel 7 - Sunday 12 May 2013 - 6.30pm

On Sunday Night, there will be even more footage of former ABBA star Agnetha Faltskog, after an “overwhelming response” to Rahni Sadler’s story.
With “behind the scenes” footage of the interview it sounds like they’ve gone back to the edit suite to give us more.
By the looks of this shot, even a normally complacent crew were swept up in the moment. Who can blame them?


Watch out for more info here:


Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 5

Question 5: Today I like Connie Francis because of you. In these days do you listen to her sometimes? What's your favorite woman singer now? Wilson Pereira Jr

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 4

Question 4: I'm 15 years old and I like your new songs very much, and I wonder if it's also your intention to reach out to a younger audience with your new cd? Ophelia Van Wijmeersch

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 3

Question 3: We love your voice Agnetha and we're so glad to have you back! Is there one ABBA song you still love to "sing in the shower"? Blessings to you and yours! J John Fisher

Agnetha 'When You Really Loved Someone' - New ABBA Collection Item

My first 'arrival' from the Agnetha releases - the CD single of 'When You Really Loved Someone'


Agnetha Faltakog CD, LP, Singles - New Releases 2013

Now just a reminder of what is available to buy right now.
Don't forget her album will be released on 10 May 2013 - be sure to grab a copy !
The CD album will be readily available from most music stores.
For the CD single and vinyls, check the links below.

'A' CD Album

'A' Vinyl LP
'When You Really Loved Someone' Exclusive Limited Edition CD Single and 7" Picture Disc
'The One Who Loves You Now' Itunes MP3 Germany & Austria




ABBA The Museum Sweden - Two NBC Video Reports

Two NBC reports on the opening of ABBA The Museum in Sweden.

With thanks to Kaarin Goodburn for sharing the links and to Steve Layton for putting them together on youtube :)

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video 2

Fans were given the opportunity to post questions for Agnetha on her Facebook Page:


Some were picked for a video answer !

This is number 2:

Question 2: Hej Agnetha! How does it feel to know that your voice still gives joy and happiness to many people throughout the world, both young and old even after all of your time away from the music business? Bästa hälsningar, Catherine. (Irland)

Ask Agnetha - Agnetha Faltskog Answers Fan Questions ! Video

Fans were given the opportunity to post questions for Agnetha on her Facebook Page:


Some were picked for a video answer !

This is the first:

Onno Conde Nieto: 'The video and lyrics of 'When you really loved someone' and 'I was a flower' seem to be autobiographical. You also seem to be more open now than before. Is it true that this is your most personal album so far? X, Onno.'

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Agnetha Faltskog London 2013 - More Picture

The first set are from the filming of 'The One Who Loves You Now'.
The second set look like screen captures from an interview - just beautiful ! :)