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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New ABBA Collection Items - Agnetha

My lovely little 'A' collection so far -

CD album
LP vinyl album
CD Single - When You Really Loved Someone
Picture Disc 7" Vinyl - When You Really Loved Someone
'A' Promotional record store poster

Looks good all together :)





  1. Love this - I have the same set of things as you except for the poster. I sort of wish though, that the poster would not describe Agnetha as the voice of ABBA. She wasn't the only voice...Frida's voice was a very big part of ABBA, and both their voices together created the ABBA sound :). Perhaps the poster should have said - "One of the voices of ABBA", although that phrase isn't as catchy.

  2. Very good ...Col :-)

  3. I agree about the poster - it was the first thing I noticed on it. I also think it should say 'one of the voices' ...
    Alone she is Agnetha - with Frida she was ABBA

  4. I really appreciate this post and very impressive.