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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again - Exclusive Photos On Set - Lily James !

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Dancing Queen! Lily James rocks a striped jumpsuit and gold platform boots to play a young Meryl Streep... in FIRST images from the set of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

ABBA fans were delighted to hear earlier this year that there would be a sequel to stage musical-turned-blockbuster Mamma Mia!


And in exclusive images, stills from the set of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! have emerged, teasing Lily James in the role of a young Donna Sheridan-Carmichael, originally played by Meryl Streep in 2008.

British actress Lily, 28, commanded the stage in 70s-inspired glam, and was seen dancing to Abba hit When I Kissed A Teacher.

The Downton Abbey star was seen surrounded by scholars, wearing graduation attire and throwing their mortar board hats in the air while Lily sang and danced in front of them.
The Cinderella actress looked sensational in a striped jumpsuit, designed with brown, cream and caramel vertical stripes.

The psychedelic look was completed by a pair of loud gold boots with turquoise stars emblazoned across them.
She wore her long lustrous locks in golden waves, a nod to Meryl's styling in the original movie.

Lily looked to be throwing herself effortlessly into the role, emulating Meryl's portrayal as the feisty Donna from ten years ago.
Lily will play Donna way before she became Mamma Mia! heroine Sophie's mother or the owner of the Villa Donna from the first film.
She was joined on set by actresses Jessica Keenan Wynn and Alexa Davies who will play a young version of Tanya Chesham-Leigh and Rosie Mulligan respectively.
In the original musical-turned-movie, Julie Walters played Rosie, one of Donna's former bandmates in Donna and the Dynamos.

Christine Baranski was Tanya Chesham-Leigh, Donna's other former bandmate, also a rich three-time divorcee.
Lily and her co-stars were seen leaping from a canal boat onto some crash mats for the routine, portraying the girls in their Donna and the Dynamos heyday.
While it's not certain what the plot will be, it appears that the story will involve the history behind Donna and her band-mates when they were in their youth. 
Stonewall star Jeremy Irvine, 27, will co-star as the younger version of Sam Carmichael, played by Pierce Brosnan, 64, who will return for the sequel.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! 'goes back and forth in time to show how relationships forged in the past resonate in the present,' according to Deadline.
The original movie was set on a Greek island where young bride-to-be Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried, discovers that any one of three men - Bill (Stellan Skarsgard), Sam (Pierce) or Harry (Colin Firth) could be her father.
She invites all three to the wedding without telling her mother, Donna; while in the meantime, Donna has invited her backup singers, Rosie and Tanya.

Amanda, Meryl, Colin and Christine are all set to return for the sequel. But there is no word yet on whether Julie is reprising her role in the follow-up movie or whether Stellan's character Bill will be back in either his younger or older versions.
The original was based on the smash hits of Swedish rock band Abba, formed in Stockholm in 1972.
And co-founders Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus will return to provide music and lyrics and serve as executive producers.
Björn is also set for a cameo in the movie and was spotted shooting on board a barge on the river.

The musical legend looked low-key in a red baseball cap and a puffer jacket as he sipped on a coffee between takes.
It looked like he was rehearsing, rather than actually shooting, given his modern and casual get up.
He was seen leaping from the same boat as the girls, plummeting down on to the crash mat like the others, perhaps giving it a test run for the fun of it.
The extras and crew were seen looking on in hysterics at the legend's hi-jinx.  
The musical is set to debut on July 20, 2018.

More pics and video here:


Cast and crew details here:


Bjorn ????

Bjorn will quietly appear as a schoolteacher in the movie’s opening song When I Kissed The Teacher. An insider said: “Bjorn is very hands-on with the films. He doesn’t want anything to overshadow the main stars or detract from the storyline but for a personal thrill, he loves the idea of being briefly on screen again.

“Fans will have to be very eagle-eyed to spot him but given he’s one of the world’s most famous men, he’s going to struggle to go totally unnoticed.”

Don't be fooled though - the man on set in these pictures is NOT Bjorn - it's producer Gary Goetzman ! 

Here we go again on location for Mamma Mia! film crew

After filming scenes at an Oxford college actors and crew from the Mamma Mia! sequel took a walk along the Thames.
Recalling the opening line from pop smash Angeleyes, ABBA's 1979 double A-side hit with Voulez-Vous - 'last night I was taking a walk along the river' - the Universal Pictures movie crew relocated from New College in the city centre to the riverbank near The Trout pub in Wolvercote.
Actors dressed in student gowns to take part in the filming.
Ten years after Mamma Mia! The Movie grossed more than $600m around the globe filming has started on the sequel in Oxford.

Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper will reprise their roles as Sophie and Sky in the movie featuring ABBA songs while Piers Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard and Colin Firth also return to play Sophie’s three possible dads, Sam, Bill and Henry.
New additions include Cinderella and Baby Driver actress Lily James and she has been filming scenes at New College in Holywell Street, where production vehicles have been parked this week.
A member of staff at the college said: “The film crew has been here all week but we are trying to get on with their work.”

Security was tight and members of the public were not being allowed into the college as filming took place.
Scenes are also expected to be filmed in the villages of Wytham and Wolvercote, and in Croatia.
The new film, due in cinemas next July, is directed by Ol Parker, writer of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, while Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus from ABBA return to provide music and lyrics.
Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski are also back in their original roles.
The Universal Pictures movie switches back and forth in time to show how relationships forged in the past resonate in the present.

Producer Judy Cramer said: “I’m so thrilled to have our brilliant original cast back and to welcome the new cast to the Mamma Mia! family.

“It was so much fun casting these young roles, and there is great excitement among the whole cast as we explore the characters past and present and continue this heartwarming story where it left off, told once again through much-loved ABBA songs.”

The creative team includes musical director Martin Koch and music programmer Nick Gilpin, both collaborators of the original stage show, as well as Anthony van Laast, choreographer of the stage show and Mamma Mia! The Movie.

The new movie, entitled Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, is due out on July 20, 2018.
It is produced by Ms Cramer and Gary Goetzman, producers of the original film.

Ms Cramer is also the producer of the worldwide smash hit musical visiting the New Theatre in November.


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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Bjorn Ulvaeus Cameo In Mamma Mia The Sequel

ABBA legend Bjorn Ulvaeus to get Mamma Mia! sequel cameo after his success as a Greek god in the first movie
The musician, who also appeared in the first film as a Greek god, will quietly appear as a schoolteacher in the movie’s opening song When I Kissed The Teacher.

DESPITE having millions of fans around the globe, ABBA’s BJORN ULVAEUS is still hoping to go incognito.
The legendary singer and songwriter has a cameo in the upcoming sequel to Mamma Mia! and wants to go totally uncredited.

I can reveal Bjorn will quietly appear as a schoolteacher in the movie’s opening song When I Kissed The Teacher.
It comes after he appeared in the first film — based on the Swedish band’s hit songs — in 2008 as a Greek god.
An insider said: “Bjorn is very hands-on with the films. He doesn’t want anything to overshadow the main stars or detract from the storyline but for a personal thrill, he loves the idea of being briefly on screen again.
“Fans will have to be very eagle-eyed to spot him but given he’s one of the world’s most famous men, he’s going to struggle to go totally unnoticed.”
Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! will reunite the original cast of PIERCE BROSNAN, COLIN FIRTH, DOMINIC COOPER, MERYL STREEP and AMANDA  SEYFRIED.
Bjorn, inset, and bandmate BENNY ANDERSSON will again act as executive producers, with their songs providing a fresh soundtrack.

Downton Abbey’s LILY JAMES will join the cast as the younger version of Meryl Streep as the film shoots backwards and forwards in time.
Despite being set in the Greek islands and originally filmed in Skopelos, bosses have opted to head to Croatia this time, in a bid to save some money, money, money.
I’m sure the film will rake in more than enough at the box office to cover their bills — the last movie hauled in £476million.
It’s due for release in July 2018. Bring it on.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Frida Meets Fans & Receives Eskilstuna Music Prize ! Photos !

Frida: "it's fun to be here. Feels different - in a good way. Very lovely memories."

Saturday 19th August 2017

Anni-Frid Lyngstad is in place in Torshälla. It's the fans too. Several of them have traveled a long way and settled in good time in front of the scene at Krusgårdsparken in Torshälla.

Already two hours before interviewing ABBA-Frida on the outdoor scene, about 60 fans were in place at Krusgårdsparken. They have traveled from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and England and most recognize each other, they have been seen before at ABBA hits across Europe. Out of the speakers are currently sounding - ABBA, what else?

Some of the best fans are extra upwards because they met Frida for breakfast at one of Eskilstuna's 



In Fridas footsteps. Heiko Siekmann and Petra Janke fled from Frankfurt yesterday to listen to Anni-Frid Lyngstad today. Here on the stairs to Torshälla church school where Frida went to the middle school. Photo: Anders Nilsson

These 2 photos were taken by Stephen Cleary:

If you would like a copy of the fabulous Frida/Gunnar poster from this event, follow this link. Scroll to the bottom of the page (end of the article) and click on' affisch' for a pdf file


Today, Frida was being interviewed live on stage in her former hometown Torshälla, Sweden. Frida was joined by Gunnar Sandevärn, whom she worked with in the 1960s, and they shared memories from these years as young artists and musicians. Frida also talked about her solo records after Abba and the new virtual Abba concert concept.
After the interview, Frida collected her music award she was already given in 2014 but couldn't attend the ceremony back then.
More photos and full report in the upcoming issue of 'ABBA Intermezzo'.
Photo © by Micke Bayart / Intermezzo

Photo by: Grace McCallum
Photo by: Terese Wedelin

On Saturday, Gunnar Sandevärn is interviewed with his old friend and music colleague Anni-Frid Lyngstad at the outdoor scene at Krusgårdsparken in Torshälla. Photo: Veronica Karlsson

Gorel Hanser collecting items to take to Frida for signing for the fans 😊 Photos courtesy of Stephen Cleary.

Frida home in Torshälla - to celebrate
Torshälla celebrates 700 years.
And of course, the city's biggest star comes to the birthday party. 
Frida is home again. 

Eskilstuna town Torshälla fills 700 years - and was celebrated on Saturday by, among others, ABBA-Frida.

Anni-Frid "ABBA-Frida" Lyngstad was born in Norway, but moved as a child with her grandmother to Torshälla. Her third marriage took her to Switzerland, where she is now living.

But now, ABBA-Frida has "come home". On Saturday she participated in the talk series "Alar talar med", led by the local profile Alar Kuutmann.Was movedThe audience cheered and applauded when the world star changed the scene in Krusgårdsparken in Torshälla to the tones of the ABBA classic "Dancing queen". She responded with an elegant bug and a kiss.- Oh, now I'm so moved. Thank you very much, she said from the stage.In her conversation, she told ABBA, and how her and Agnetha Fältskog's voices contributed to the group's sound."Our two voices together are very special. To the point, our records together were three octaves about. She is soprano and I'm mezzosoprano. I go much lower than she does and she goes much higher. They had an amazing vocal material to work with, not so many are spoiled for actually.Got Eskilstuna's music prizeABBA-Frida also received Eskilstuna's music prize and became a little celebrated himself as well.

At age 15, she began singing in Bengt Sandlund's big band. She toured for the southernmost audience before she became ABBA-Frida with a whole world.

- In the mid 60's I started my own orchestra, Anni-Frid Four. We were very popular and played at different dance restaurants in Sörmland, she has previously told before the celebration in a press release, according to the Eskilstunakuriren.

Anni-Frid Lyngstad is best known for its years in the ABBA pop group, but has also performed solo career after the ABBA era and sang duets with Ratata, Phil Collins and Marie Fredriksson.

She married the third time in 1992 with Prince Ruzzo Reuss von Plauen, and received the title Anni-Frid, Princess Reuss Countess of Plauen, but widowed since 1999. Anni-Frid Lyngstad was also married to Ragnar Eriksson between 1964 and 1970 and with Benny Andersson between 1978 and 1981.

Torshälla turned 700 on February 24 and is celebrated throughout the year.

Frida at Florapaviljongen for lunch

Torshällabon Alar Kuutman leads a series of conversations during the year and today he talked to Frida who grew up in Torshälla as small.Gunnar Sandevärn moved to Torshälla during the youth years from Norrland. He started his career as a pianist in various orchestras and toured with Annifrid Lyngstad in the 60's. 1963-1966 as an orchestra leader with Lyngstad as a singer."The first time I met Frida was at a school 1960. When she was over 15 years old, I thought she was a full-fledged artist already," says Gunnar Sandevärn.
- It feels good. I have had time to think about this quite a while. It is clear that you are considering and looking at old notes.Frida received the Eskilstuna municipality's music prize in 2014. Three years later, she accepts it.

Photo By: Anke Walkenhorst

It became a very dear reunion when Eva Berg, Anni-Frid's best friend from adolescence, stopped by after yesterday's appearance in Krusgårdsparken. These two often stood and smoked in a port at Nygatan in Eskilstuna.
- yeah, we did a lot of other things, too, says Frida and smiling.

"We are proud and happy to have the confidence to have a star like Frida staying with us." Eskilstuna Elite Hotel.