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Friday, 18 August 2017

Benny Andersson - Piano - Tracklist !

– I have come to realise that the pieces I have chosen to play are an integral part of me. In a strange way, I feel like I am playing my memoirs.

May it be ABBA, CHESS, MAMMA MIA, a film score or music for the symphony orchestra. Benny Andersson’s melodies stand out as unique and his music has become an essential part of music history. Here we meet Benny at his beloved piano, listening to the music in its pure original form, the way it sounded when the melodies saw the light of day. 

We are proud to present Benny Andersson’s new album ”Piano”, to be released on the 29th of September on Deutsche Grammphon.

‘Piano’ takes listeners on a 21-track journey through his acclaimed and celebrated career as songs from ABBA, his musicals and other solo-compositions are re-interpreted as you have never heard them before, performed unaccompanied by just Benny himself, on his trusted grand piano. The album was recorded with Linn Fijal, engineer and studio manager at his own RMV Studios, on the island of Skeppsholmen, in the heart of his hometown Stockholm.

With this album – Piano, Benny is telling his story in his own way.

A first track ‘Thank You For The Music’ is available now.

The tracklist to Benny Andersson’s new album Piano released on 29 September on Deutsche Grammophon/Universal is now revealed on icethesite in its entirety. Scroll down here for full list.


To accompany the release of the album, which will be available on CD, vinyl and digital download formats, a book of sheet music will also be released.

You can pre-order this amazing new release now from Bengans - available as a download, on CD & LP !
Release date is 29 September 2017.

CD here:  https://www.bengans.se/sv/artiklar/benny-andersson-piano-2.html

LP here:   https://www.bengans.se/sv/artiklar/benny-andersson-piano.html

Also keep an eye on Amazon.de  -  they have the downloads listed, but not the physical version yet.
But, you can sample Thank You For The Music now and also purchase the download version right now !

Thank You For The Music Sample


1. I Let The Music Speak
2. You And I
3. Aldrig
4. Thank You For The Music
5. Stockholm By Night
6. Chess
7. The Day Before You Came
8. Someone Else’s Story
9. Midnattsdans
10. Målarskolan
11. I Wonder (Departure)
12. Embassy Lament
13. Anthem
14. My Love, My Life
15. Mountain Duet
16. Flickornas rum
17. Efter regnet
18. Tröstevisa
19. En skrift i snön
20. Happy New Year
21. I gott bevar

Looks fabulous - can't wait for this one 😊

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