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Friday, 11 August 2017

ABBA Swedish Trading Cards - Filmisar

I am often asked about the Swedish Trading Cards so I thought I should do a post about them.

Unlike Trading Cards from other countries, the Swedish Cards are not actually just ABBA.

There are 1000 cards in this series of cards.
And the series contains cards of hundreds of artists, not just ABBA. 
They were a 'POP' series released in Sweden.

Others artists include Olivia Newton John, Village People, John Travolta, Bob Marley - just to name a few. 

Actual ABBA cards in the set is 91 and it is possible that there are more. I don't have all cards pictured yet, but working on it 😀
These cards are different to sets from other countries also as they are very small - 4.5 x 7cm.
In comparison, Australian Trading Cards measure 6 x 8.5cm.
They were able to include many pictures from the 1977 Tour which is lovely to see.
What a shame they aren't normal size ! 
And no bubblegum with these ones.
Some of the cards have 'Universaltryck Grafiska AB' written across the top while others do not.

The cards came in two types of packaging.

This first type of packaging contained ABBA as well as other artists - 'Collector Image Cards' and were released in the 80's, hence the later images of ABBA:

The second type of packaging  - 'World Famous Favourites' were released in the 70's:

It was also possible to buy fabulous little frames for the cards for hanging on the wall 😍 Thanks to Niklas from ABBA Trading Post for sharing this image.


Here are 70 of the ABBA cards that are currently in my collection - still searching for the rest 😲

Below these ones you will find images of the other 21 cards.

These are the cards not pictured above - and still needed in my collection - if there are others that I have missed, please share :)

Number on this one to be confirmed



  1. Hi Roxanne! I can only count to 90 cards in the deck... I have 87 now and am currently looking for no. 578, 771 and the one you posted with Frida on the chair on stage in 1977 with no number on... So... a total of 90... have not been able to figure out which one would be the 91st... (also.. I guess you did not count the card you posted here with the Baccara-girls...?If you did... that would explain why we think there are 91 cards and not 90 cards with ABBA...
    Greetings from Marina, Sweden

  2. Dzień dobry. Mam karty numer: 2*11 z i bez napisu,26,27,51,52.56,57,58,59,75,77,716,717,721,724. Jeśli jest Pani zainteresowana to zapraszam.

  3. Mam jeszcze album, 2 płyty gramofonowe ABBY "The Best Of ABBA". Wydanie z 1987r. Polskie Nagrania.
    Utwory: Side 1. Ring Ring, Waterloo, So long, I do..., Sos, Mamma mia, Fernando.
    Seide 2: Dancing Oueen, Money..., Knowing me knowing you, The name of the game, Take a chance on me, Summer night citi.
    Seide 3: Chiquitita, Does your mother know, Voules_vous, Gimme!..., I have a dream.
    Seide 4: The winner takes it all, Super trouper, One of us, The day before you came, Under attack.
    Zapraszam. Pozdrowienia z Gołdapi w Polsce :)