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Friday, 3 March 2017

ABBA In Australia 3 March 1977 - 1st Sydney Concert - 40 Years Ago Today !

ABBA Live In Sydney !

R.A.S Showground Sydney – 8.30pm

Tickets: $9.00 each - no allocated seating
On Thursday 3rd March 1977, ABBA performed the first of their 11 concerts in Australia. It was held at the Showground in Sydney as there was no Entertainment Centre in Sydney until 1983, and no other indoor venue that could cater for such a show. 
There were 30,000 people at this concert !
As many would know, I did quite extensive blog posts about this tour last year, so I won't repeat myself too much this year. For those who missed the posts last year, here is the link for 3rd March:


Photo by Adrian Zorac

Promoter Michael Chugg, then a tour manager for Paul Dainty, remembers the chaos of the Sydney show. "The Sebel Townhouse got the shits with us because we took every white towel they had to keep drying the stage. But they played in the rain, the audience turned up in the rain, they just absolutely loved it. It affected everybody from toddlers to grandma and grandpa. It was incredible to look into the audience and see the spread of the demographic."
Check out the 'Bang A Boomerang' documentary for some great commentary about the tour - including Michael Chugg's entertaining memories :)

From Ingmarie Halling's book 'Backstage Stories'

Fabulous drawing by Doug Warren
Frida after slipping on the wet stage
Contrary to the reports that Frida was unhurt by her fall during an energetic performance of 'Waterloo', it actually resulted in a contusion of her hip and 2 sprained fingers ! You would never have known that she was injured however, she was so professional.

Frida said: "The rainstorm came out of nowhere. But the audience were clearly going to stay whatever the weather to see us. So, in those circumstances, we were definitely going ahead with our show. The tumble shook me up, but that's all. It was a small price to pay when the fans were showing such a great loyality". 
According to Lasse Hallström in the interview on ABBA The Movie Limited Edition, all Australian concerts were filmed with five cameras each, one steadycam on stage and four cameras on tripods. However, most of the material filmed on the first show in Sydney was damaged by water, hence some editing of the songs in ABBA - The Movie.
"We waited a long time for the rain to ease up. With so much electrical equipment around, guitars, microphines, sockets and so on, it made performing risky. However, we decided not to leave the soaking audience in the lurch, which was so much appreciated that we have probably never received such a rapturous reception anywhere – when we ran on the stage it seemed the ovation would never end."Agnetha in As I Am .
The gorgeous costumes designed by Owe Sandstrom:


  1. I've just watched BANG A BOOMERANG for the first time ever. Quite fitting as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of ABBA playing in Sidney tonight. The dream never ends. Thank you Australia and you too Roxanne Dixon

    1. Sydney is not spelt Sidney ... just saying :)

  2. Thanks James ! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Very fond memories. And then suddenly, Abba fell from grace......

  4. Just watched an Abba special and it immediately reminded of the Thursday in March 1977 at the Sydney Showground, where we all got soaked. It was fabulous and I am sad to hear from your blog that Frida actually did hurt herself when she fell. What a Super Trooper; she continued as if nothing had happened. Thank you so much Roxanne, for evoking such great memories of ABBA. I am almost 73 years old and can still get up and dance when ABBA comes on
    Love Jenni xxoo

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post Jenni. Yes, such great memories. Frida was so professional and impressive - as were ABBA in general of course. Amazing times :)

  5. Wow, wow, wow Roxi; what a fabulous blog. I just love it. Keep up the great work. Jenni

    1. Thanks Jenni !
      I haven't updated for a while - but will get back into it very soon hopefully :)

  6. That was the first concert I ever went to... I was 15. won the tickets on the loacl radio station at gosford. Told my parents i was staying with a friend and got the train to sydney. It was fantastic.. as a ticket winner we got to enter first and was standing front and center. still one of the best days of my life...