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Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Story Of ABBA - For Young Readers - Children's Book

The Story Of ABBA: For Young Readers

The Story of ABBA by Becky Laine tells the tale of the Swedish super group ABBA starting from the members' early careers before ABBA up til the group was disbanded in 1982. Alongside the easy-to-read text are endearing illustrations drawn by the author herself.

Becky Laine is an author, artist, blogger, and ABBA fan extraordinaire! In her free time, she sews, draws, and collects memorabilia from her favorite Swedish pop group.

The first edition of her book was published in 2013.

First Edition 2013

 A new version was released in 2016 and comes with revised text and completely new illustrations.

The new edition also comes in 2 different cover choices - the white cover or the black cover with contents being the same.

What a perfect way to introduce new young fans to the Story Of ABBA !

I love these covers !

And I even get an acknowledgement - how lovely :)

You can follow Becky's blog here:


And buy all versions of the book at the following links:

2016 Edition - White Cover

2016 Edition - Black Cover

2013 Edition


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    1. It's a fabulous little book created with love by a true ABBA fan - everyone should have a copy of this :)