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I created this blog to help share ABBA information with other fans and to show off my new collection items :)

Please note: Collection item photos are from my own personal collection. These are not stock photos. If you wish to use any of my photos elsewhere, please have the courtesy to ask first - Thank you :)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Update To ABBAFanatic Website

For those who may look in on my website sometimes, be sure to check it out in the upcoming weeks.

I am working on updating the site with lots of changes and plenty of new content.

It's a slow process but it really needed a major overhaul after being somewhat neglected for quite some time.

I appreciate those that have continued to visit the site even with all it's issues and I hope that it will be an enjoyable place to visit once I have completed it :)

You can follow the changes right now !

Check it out here:


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

New ABBA Collection Items - Bags, Posters, Mugs, Cassettes And More !

Well it's been a little while since I've done a post showing new items added to my collection, so I thought it was time for a little update.

A bit of a mixed bag of items here - and after going through my images to see what is new, it appears I have been quite busy - but as I said, it has been quite a while since I added new items - and I have a feeling there may be more items I've missed here :)

Australian School Bag - mega rare black and white bag in fabulous condition:

Reg Grundy Logo Necklace - New Zealand 1976 - mega rare - much larger than the standard Reg Grundy Australian necklaces measuring 5cm x 3cm in gold plate:

Finally ! The German jigsaw puzzle - I have waited a long time for this beauty. And the box is quite a bit larger than any other puzzle in my collection - love this ! Showing the UK puzzle on the right for size comparison:

And I am so excited to have added a boxed set of mugs to my collection - I have waited so long for this - never thought I would get one:

Another elusive find - Greatest Hit's Vol. 2 Reel To Reel tape:

Unofficial Lyrics Posters - I love these - very creative and good quality. Size of each is 84cm x 29cm. Just need the rest of the songs now :)

Tote Bag - Europe 1970's:

Various Cassettes:

8 Track Tapes:

Various CD's:

Various Posters:

Reader's Digest Set - LP, CD, Cassette:

Various magazines:

Song Books:

Pure ABBA Gold Box Set Song Books - UK

ABBA LIVE Songbook - USA


Fan Club

Fan Club


British Rail - Keep Your Station Tidy Poster & Magnet - new Retro Re-issue:

ABBA The Museum items:

Arrival 40th Anniversary T-shirt

Arrival 40th Anniversary Badge Set

The Albums Postcard Set

Limited Edition Lithograph Box Set

Second Lithograph in the box set

I am sure there is more - but I'll save them for another post !