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Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Childhood ABBA Memory From Australia

For some reason, this particular image has always been stuck in the back of my mind since the 70's - I remember seeing it again for the first time as an adult after not seeing, or looking at, ABBA things for a very long time, and my heart did a little bit of a flutter. I remember so clearly absolutely loving this picture in the 70's. Apart from the few film clips, and the Bandstand Special, we saw very few images of ABBA before the memorabilia market went crazy in this country in late 1976. So, of course, once the memorabilia became available, it was heaven :)
All these new images of ABBA ! Pictures of ABBA in other countries, doing all sorts of things including performing on stage - amazing and wonderful. For some reason though, among all of this new amazing ABBA imagery, this picture hit my heart at the time. And when I think about it, I think it is because it made me believe that one day I could be that close to ABBA, getting an autograph - this was not just a staged group shot - this was ABBA walking in a normal street among people and you could get that close to them ! I reckon that all Aussie kids had this image of ABBA in their minds when they toured here in 1977. Maybe that's why we seemed so crazy at the time - we all believed we would be able to get up close and personal to them. Unfortunately for us though, there were too many of us, which made that impossible - unlike the situation in this picture :)
Tens of thousands of adoring fans could make walking the streets a little overwhelming I guess lol
This picture was used on the Aussie bubblegum cards, which I adored (and still do) and the card was where I first saw this image - and that was all it took - one very small picture on a trading card. It always brings back those wonderful feelings and memories of being a young girl in Australia at the beginning, and at the height of, ABBAmania in this country. It was something to behold. I know there are many ABBA fans around the world - all with their own memories of the beginning of the love. But I really do feel that nothing could possibly compare to the love affair Australia had with ABBA in the 1970's - and I feel so blessed - not only that I was lucky enough to be there for that most amazing time - but that I was one of those that felt the love - so deeply that it has continued for 40 years. What an absolutely magical time it was in my life - the most profound and deeply moving time. Apart from all the obvious reasons, this is why I am still such a devoted ABBA fan - because one image can evoke such a range of memories and emotions that they sometimes make me cry. I am truly lucky.

Scanlens Bubblegum Trading Card

And how perfect that they put this beautiful photo on a t-shirt as well :)

and in 'The Fabulous ABBA' Poster Book - although reversed:

and on the Sticker Sheet :)


  1. Thank you sooo much for your wonderful blog! This particular post really touched my heart. Bless you!

    BC, USA

    1. Thank you so much :) I am glad to know you enjoy my blog. And I appreciate you sharing that my post touched you - that lets me know that I was able to put across some of the emotion I was feeling as I was writing - the same emotion that prompts me to write in the first place :)
      So many things 'ABBA' bring emotions to the surface at times, and it really is a blessed thing to be able to share some of that emotion within a community of people who understand it.
      I hope you continue to enjoy my blog - I intend to do some updates very soon - and thanks again for your words :)

  2. The t-shirt & bubble-gum cards are actually reversed. The correct ones are the page in The Fabulous ABBA and on the sticker sheet. Benny always parted his hair to (his) left :)

    1. Yes, that's right :D
      I never will understand them reversing images like this at times. There is no obvious reason for it, especially on the above items.

      Thanks for your comment - I hope you are enjoying my blog :)

  3. hello, I came across your site while looking for a abba tshirt for my 6 year old daughter who loves Abba. I love that shirt you have and was wondering if you knew where I could get one or if that was for sale? I'm having a hard time finding an abba shirt online for kids.
    thank you!