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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Trundle ABBA Festival 2016 - Tent Town

It’s time to organize your costumes as it’s on again in 2016

Hello to the campers of Trundle ABBA Festival – 2015

One would hate you to miss out …….
Tent numbers for the 2016 event have already surpassed this years’, 2015 event (thanks to the Landline exposure)
Registration is a must – priority will be given to those that attended this year..
Organise your groups and pay later, if need to.

Trundle have organized further ABBA activities for Late PM Friday and Sunday AM.
Confirmation will be displayed on their website in the very near future – stay tuned.

This years’ winner for free tent accommodation at 2016 is Sue L. (winners name was drawn from a hat).
Sue will be notified by mail later today.
More tents will be given away and no doubt refunds will occur.

2016 will be more organized than this year - the Gallipoli trip took care of that.
Sorry for any inconvenience, if any.
For those that have enquired of my child bride – thank you.
Vicki is now back home after a 4 month stay in hospital (was real sick and still is…..)
The last 4.5 weeks have been testing to say the least and unfortunately one does not know what the future holds.

Please do not forget that Trundle need your help.
Your attendance means the world to them.
So, on behalf of the towns folk we thank you all in anticipation,

Peter Crewes

                                                  P.O. Box 9357    BATHURST    2795
                                                              0428 - 378 – 088

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