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Friday, 28 August 2015

New ABBA Collection Items - Various

I haven't added any images of my new collection items lately, so here are a few of the latest additions:

Greatest Hits LP - Red Vinyl - RCA El Salvador

Wrapping Paper - UK - makes a beautiful poster :)

ABBA Logo Letters - I already had the set from ABBAWORLD but these ones are from ABBA The Museum. Both sets are the same, only the packaging is different:

Gorgeous set of the ceramic dolls:

Large iron-on transfer from Australia - I thought I had all of these - but I didn't !

Amazing Lois t-shirt - these were worn by ABBA in the 70's during a promotional campaign by Lois. In 2012, Lois did a short run of 'Lois Legends' t-shirts, and this was one of those released:

A beautiful book from Poland - all about ABBA's visit to Poland and TV Special in 1976:

CD Box Set from Germany:

2 gorgeous posters of Agnetha & Frida in Switzerland 1978:

Another pillow case from Australia - image is the same as a previous one I have, but the logo etc is different:

Greatest Hits LP - Israel:

Just a few random items - all lovely additions to my collection.
More images will be added soon :)

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