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Sunday, 14 September 2014

New ABBA Chat Forum

I think we've all heard the sad news that the abba4ever chat forum will be closing down permanently in early October after 8 years of service to the ABBA fan community.

There are a few Facebook pages and groups that are dedicated to ABBA, but Facebook isn't quite the same as a forum, as many would agree.

Many in the fan community enjoy a Forum environment - I personally feel that a Forum is much more organised and informative than a Facebook group - and I believe the community needs a Forum.

I had considered starting a forum a few years ago - but realised that only one worldwide forum was really needed - and we already had abba4ever.
But now, with the closure of abba4ever, I have decided to go ahead and create a new forum.

My new ABBA forum is called ABBAChat :)

It can be found here:


It is in the very early stages of development - but it is fully functional and ready for members.

If you are a member of abb4ever please feel free to copy your old posts from there and add to ABBAChat - but please also include the original date of your post on abba4ever so it's easier to work out timelines for events etc.

So come on over and check it out - if you like what you see, sign up, start posting, make suggestions and help it to grow !

And last, but not least, share the news ! :)


  1. hi,ive tried to register for abbachat,however,i am not recieving the activation key via email??i was a member of abba4ever for years until it finished recently,ive tried another email address,but still no joy,my username on abba4ever was abba67,,please can you find out wht the problm is?i cant contact you by any other means,because you have to be a member of abbachat to contact admin,,,regard darren

  2. Hi Darren,
    Sorry for the issue - hopefully all sorted now.

  3. hi,,ive registered again,waiting on staff member sending me activation code,, username [abbaman48]

  4. recieved activation code with link,,clicked on link,,but no page for entering code,i can log in on the group as abbaman48,but doesnt seem to recognise this fact,as wont allow to to post anything as i need to register?click on log in link on forum.and i get a head figure with a guest,and a black oblong part saying pendindg staff approval...helppppp

  5. Hi, Roxanne. I just found your forum by Googling "ABBA Forums" after finding out that the abba4ever forum has been shut down. I registered with abbachat and rceived a confirmation email, but couldn't log in. Why can't I log in?


  6. I am sorry you guys have been having an issue and I am not sure why.
    I have changed the registration setting so if you are still unable to log in or post, please try registering one more time. Hopefully this will solve any issue.

  7. I was able to log i without registering again. In fact, I have posted. It's nice to be a member of an ABBA forum again.