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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

ABBAWORLD Goes To Hungary

The story of ABBAWORLD continues; from London by the way of Melbourne, the interactive multimedia exhibition is about to arrive in Györ, 100 kilometers west of Budapest, Hungary. Through the collaboration between promoters ShowTime Budapest, ETO Park in Győr and Viva Art Music, ABBAWORLD will open at Eto Park on the 4th of December.
"The ABBAWORLD exhibition has been a success both in London and Melbourne," says Marton Brady, Managing Director of ShowTime Group. "We are now ready to bring this exciting event to Hungary, and we are very much looking forward to hosting this exhibition."

Magnus Danielsson, president of Touring Exhibitions, the producer of ABBAWORLD, is confident that the exhibition will bring joy and happiness to all its visitors. "ShowTime Group and Viva Art Music have all the experience needed to make ABBAWORLD into a successful event," he says. "ABBA was hugely popular in Eastern and Middle Europe in the 70s, and ABBAWORLD will generate a lot of interest among all age groups – and you don’t need to be a fan of ABBA to enjoy the exhibition. It's fun for everyone!”

For the original members of ABBA, the exhibition in Hungary is a form of compensation for the past.

"We are very happy to see ABBAWORLD come to Hungary," the group says in a joint statement. "We never managed to tour Eastern Europe, and it feels great to finally give our fans there the opportunity to recreate the experience through ABBAWORLD."

The interest in ABBAWORLD not only spans generations, it crosses borders all over the world. Marton Brady hopes ABBAWORLD will do just that. "We will be perfectly situated geographically in Györ," he says. "We are as close to Budapest as we are to Vienna, and we are just 50 kilometers south of Bratislava. Six million people live within an hour's distance from ABBAWORLD. It will be the perfect day trip for anyone looking for a unique experience.

Showtime Budapest has promoted several large exhibitions in Hungary, such as the Titanic, Dinosaurs, Diana, Beatles and the CSI exhibition. ShowTime is currently running a Da Vinci exhibition at the ETO Park that will end in November. Details on tickets for ABBAWORLD will be disclosed in the near future.


ABBAWORLD is multi-media exhibition and an emotional journey spanning the successful career of the Swedish supergroup ABBA. The exhibition in Hungary spans a total of 1,000 square meters bursting with music, exclusive footage, images and never-before-displayed memorabilia from the personal collections of the world’s most cherished pop icons; Anni-Frid, Benny, Björn and Agnetha. Following the successful runs of ABBAWORLD in London and Melbourne in 2010, ABBAWORLD will open on the 4th of December 2010 at ETO Park in Györ, Hungary.


  1. Hey there how are you so does this mean we are not going to Sydney now :( I am sailing home now so lets chat on facebook see ya Monday chookie xx

  2. Hey you ! I guess it means no Sydney :(
    Hope you've had a blast of a time ! See you Monday xx

  3. Yay !I'm so glad it comes to Hungary !I live in Vienna and it just takes me about one hour to get there.I want to go to the opening , but I think that no ABBA member will come to the opening what makes me sad someway...but who knows !

    Btw great site !You've got a wonderful ABBA collection !

  4. Thank you for your feedback on my site .. I am glad you like it :)
    I think it is great that ABBAWORLD is going to Hungary .. I hope you make it to the opening .. if you do go, you must take lots of photos and show us !