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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ABBA - Rock Classics Magazine

Great magazine dedicated to ABBA - Rock Classics Nr. 10

All in German - but has 4 posters as well as 100 pages devoted to ABBA alone :)

11 Euro within Europe - 15 Euro for the rest of the world.

The prices include postage.

Scroll down to see the cover and a few inside pages - and check it out here:


Order from this page:


This is the translation on the pages, saying how to order - pay by paypal and then email them your name and address just to be sure - mention you are ordering Nr. 10 also just to be sure:

For 11 Euro including postage (Europe) and 15 euros (worldwide) you can ROCK CLASSICS # 10 ABBA directly via PAYPAL
nachbestellung@slam-zine.com order!
The ultimate ABBA special edition with 100 pages:
- Biographies and news
- Interviews
- Rarities Memorabilia
- 4 posters and much more

Now more current than ever before!

Please do not forget to send your address nachbestellung@slam-zine.com!

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