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Monday, 13 May 2013

Agnetha Faltskog Awarded Composer Prize !

It's SKAP - Svenska kompositörer av Populärmusic (Swedish composers of pop music) - who awards prizes and scholarships to Swedish artists. Agnetha was awarded with SKAP's prize to the memory of Kai Gullmar. Kai Gullmar was a female Swedish schlager composer, singer and actress who lived 1905-1982. About 10 prizes/scholarships will be awarded at SKAP's traditional spring party on May 20 at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. No word on whether Agnetha will show up to accept her prize.

Original article here in Swedish:


English translation:

Sarah Dawn Finer, Michel Zitron and Agnetha Fältskog among the prized at the Spring Music Festival.

Gullan Bornemark, Jade Ell, Sarah Dawn Finer, Agnetha Fältskog, Toni Holgersson, Nils Landgren, Peter LeMarc, Mohammed Ali Ryback & Rawa, Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin and Michel Zitron. There are those musicians who may receive awards and scholarships at the SKAP traditional Spring Festival on May 20
It reveals CHAIR in collaboration with the music service Tunigo, where the official announcement published with explanations and a playlist of all the price and scholarship recipients.
- The women and the men behind the music is the core of the music scene. In Sweden we have been blessed with both breadth and depth among musicians, which meant that Swedish musicians and Swedish music industry ever get recognition, not only here at home but also internationally, says SKAP president Alfons Karabuda.

Each year CHAIR out thirty prizes and scholarships to pay attention to authors, copyright Women and creative diversity. A dozen of these will be awarded at the SKAP traditional Spring Festival, which has become the obvious meeting place for composers, artists, professionals, policy makers and cultural personalities. On May 20, collected upwards of 500 guests at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

The recipients of awards and scholarships at the Spring Festival on May 20 are:
CHAIR-scholarships• Jade Ell• Sarah Dawn Finer• Al Rybak & Ali Rawa (Mohammed Ali);
• Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums)• Michel Zitron
Other awards and scholarships
• Scholarship from Fred Winters Memorial Fund: Gullan Bornemark• SKAP price for Kai Gullmar memory: Agnetha Fältskog• Scholarship from Ejnar Westling Memorial Fund: Toni Holgersson• SKAP Honorary Award: Nils Landgren• Scholarship from Sven Paddocks Memorial Fund: Peter LeMarc
Read more at Tunigo, where you will find explanations and playlist.
Price and scholarship amount is SEK 40 000 regardless of category. Each year CHAIR out some thirty awards and scholarships, including a dozen of Spring Festival, for highlighting the composers and text writers behind the music we all listen to.
CHAIR - Swedish Composers of Popular Music is the Swedish association for professional composers, lyricists and arrangers. CHAIR conducts on behalf of its more than 1,000 members lobbying nationally and internationally, offers member service and is the principal of the STIM.
CHAIR holds 2013-2016 presidency of ECSA - European Composer & Songwriter Alliance and collaborate through ECSA with MCNA - Music Creators North America. Together they represent ECSA and MCNA national music creates organizations and their members in over 30 countries.

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