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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New ABBA The Museum Merchandise - Agnetha Visor !

Grab one of these fab ABBA Logo Visors from ABBA The Museum Web Shop now !

Around $24.00 AUD

Get the Agnetha look going - maybe they'll do a replica of Frida's hat too :)



  1. OMG, that is so adorable! :D I have got to get myself one of these someday. ;)

  2. Hi Roxanne! You may smile, but I knew not much about ABBA until a few weeks ago. I had ABBA Gold, that was it. (I just ordered the box with the 8 LP/CDs plus a bonus CD).

    Last week I heard about Agneta's new CD and got curious, so I began researching ABBA on the Internet while listening to WaterlooRadioOnline. After having spent quite a few hours on that, I stumpled over your blog and wished I had found it first thing.

    It's such a nice job, you do. Very, very impressive! You had everything I was looking for, and I really like you style.
    Thanks a billion!
    Poul (Copenhagen)

  3. hi Poul - thanks for your comment :)
    It does make me smile that you have only just discovered ABBA - I smile because I am happy to know they are gaining more new fans all the time ! :)
    I thank you for your feedback on my blog and I am happy to know you find it interesting and useful. Don't forget to check out my website as well www.abbafanatic.com for even more information, photos etc.
    And welcome to the world of ABBA ! Cheers from Australia - Roxy

  4. X-thanks Roxy, I really enjoyed your site!
    Surfing the net, I sometimes print a few screens as souvenirs. I've emailed a couple of ABBA cards as a small thank-you-gift for you.
    Cheers from Denmark! Poul.