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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Be In The ABBA The Museum Choir In April 2014 !

In April it is 40 years since ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with ” Waterloo” .
But does a reunion sound possible – now starts an Abba- choir instead.
- It’s a complete impossibility that we will be reunited so then they thought that ” oh, let’s do a choir instead ,” says Björn Ulvaeus .
A potential reunion of Abba is a constant talking point .
Now that the next year is 40 years since ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton with ” Waterloo” is speculated something will happen more than ever.
Especially after Agnetha Fältskog , 63, in an interview with a German newspaper has opened up an opportunity :
- Obviously, something we think about, ‘she said.
” A complete impossibility”
But now Björn Ulvaeus puts down his foot once and for all .
Instead, he is committed to an Abba- choir which will now be formed along with the Abba Museum and Aftonbladet.
- Because it’s a complete impossibility that we will be reunited so they thought ” oh, let’s do a choir instead .” And now it’s on time , he says to Aftonbladet .
” Egoistic reasons”
Choir’s & Singers from across the country can apply for a place in the choir , which will consist of 50 people. For Abba , it feels like a celebration .
- It feels great , to hear what you have written , sung by a great choir, it is wonderful for an author , so there’s a little selfish reasons there too, I want to hear it .
How does it feel to hear his work being sung by a choir ?
- There is a difference when you hear a choir sing anything other than a soloist , it raises some other emotions. And we’ll choose songs from the catalog to be fit for a choir , so you may perhaps hear the songs in a different way . It is always exciting , he says. And a possible Album?

One International fan will be chosen to be in the choir !

We are looking for one (1) international chorister for the 50-member ABBA The Museum – The Choir.
Casting begins December 14th and runs until February 7. At that time we will select five finalists. Between February 8th and February 20th, these five finalists will compete for first prize. The competition will take place on the museum's Facebook page and the winner - The Missing Member - will be announced on the 21st of February. The winner of the only international place in ABBA The Museum/The Choir will travel to and from Stockholm for the performance on April 4-6 and will stay all four nights at Melody Hotel, the four-star boutique hotel located in the same building as ABBA The Museum, www.melody.se/en/.

The choir's international member will be coached remotely by Choir Director Karin Bäckström. The singer will keep a video diary and monitor his or her progress in choral training. ABBA The Museum will cover airfare and hotel accommodation for the person who is The Missing Member (ie. our international choir member).

Record a 30-second video in which you sing the refrain to “Thank You For The Music”. You have to sing all by yourself, without accompaniment. Then upload the video via the form on this page. Submit your film by February 7th.


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