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Sunday, 9 March 2014

ABBA Official Photobook Issues - Updated 8 April 2014

8 April 2014

I see the party at the Tate Modern went well.
I also see that Frida was presented with Photo Book number 1. That is wonderful - she deserved number 1.
Frida was always my favourite.

It makes it all that much more devastating that my name is not in the book.
All ABBA members now have a copy - without my name included.

I did an interview on National TV here in Australia on the weekend - the title of the segment was "Australia's biggest ABBA fan".
How could Australia's biggest ABBA fan not be in the book ?  (I don't give myself this title - the media do)

It is unforgivable that my name was left out due to Max Strom's mistakes and that they were unwilling to rectify the matter.
I will never get over this heartbreak - and I will never forgive.
They have caused me distress and unhappiness - when this time should have been the most exciting of all.
Their small gesture of compensation did not even come close to what I was entitled to in this situation.
My name in a book that all members of ABBA now have in their possession - that is what I was entitled to.

I am considering taking legal action - because I believe they should be held accountable for the distress they have caused. Too mnay stuff ups - too many distressed fans.

They made the offer in regards to the Photo Book. They created the situation. They did not deliver on the offer.

I am not willing to just let this go - I deserve better than that - we all do.

They need to take responsibility for the distress they have caused.

1 April 2014

I was unable to respond to Max Strom's lawyer within the 24 hour time limit.

So I assume my name will not appear in the reprint of the trade edition.

I will be very interested to see how many names do appear.

According to Australian Consumer Law & Swedish Consumer Law, I am entitled to firstly, receive what I ordered - or a replacement without the fault - or a refund.
I am also entitled to compensation.

Max Strom are not willing to offer a replacement without fault.

The offered compensation was not acceptable, nor an option after the 24 hour time limit, so this is still ongoing.

I do not consider an offer for something lesser to what was promised as a legitimate offer.

As the laywer for Max Strom stated that the offer of my name in the trade edition was 'inter alia' then I am curious as to what else they consider to be my compensation.

As I did not ask for, or accept, a refund as compensation, then this was merely a gesture on their part - not the end of the story.

It is up to the consumer to decide whether or not an offer is acceptable recompense.

I am not at all satisfied - so I will continue to pursue this matter.

27 March 2014

I have been given 24 hours by Max Strom's lawyer to decide if I want my name mentioned in the reprint of the standard edition as compensation for leaving my name out of the Super Trouper edition. My name would be listed along with a 'handful' of other fans who were also omitted from the ST edition. Quite frankly, I think that is a pathetic attempt to get away with their major stuff up - and there will probably still be names missing. I don't think I want my name associated with the standard version as if endorsing it. I certainly do not endorse the book.

25 March 2014

I have received the refund - which I would like to make clear, I did not ask for.

I have also received my 2nd copy of the book - the replacement for my damaged book.

Now I am really concerned. My original book number was 965 - the new book is number 265.

Do I now have the same number as someone else ?

No response from the lawyer yet.

23 March 2014

I have received an email from Pledge saying they are refunding my payment.
So far no evidence of that.

I have also received an email from a lawyer on behalf of Max Strom Publishers.
They (Max Strom) have offered me compensation for omitting my name. They are offering to give me a special acknowledgement in the reprint of the Trade edition (standard version) due out next month that will be available locally in Australia, USA and UK.

The lawyer wants to know if I am accepting that offer or not.

Hmmm - let me think about that.

I have asked what the acknowledgement would say exactly and if all the people whose names have been omitted would be included in the acknowledgement.

Waiting for the response.

19 March 2014

Just so we are clear about this - I have received NOTHING for them leaving my name out of the book.
No refund.
No decent response.
No response at all from Pledge Music.

I think it's time to go higher.
This is an Official ABBA release.
The buck stops with ABBA.

I am making enquiries about Consumer Law regarding this matter.

18 March 2014
Pledge Music are supposed to be refunding my payment for the book. A small gesture for leaving out my name.
I was offered this by Max Strom publishing and told that Pledge would arrange it.
This is not part of a deal with me. I did not accept this in lieu of having the situation with the book rectified.
But I still expect it as it was stated.
Pledge Music do not respond.

Is your name missing ? Have you written to Max Strom ? Have you had a response ?
I know of at least one fan who is not even receiving a response from Max Strom about their name being omitted.

This is not good enough !

Write to me with your issues info@abbafanatic.com

They took our money before production of this book. We funded the production of this book. This goes beyond standard Consumer Law.

16 March 2014
It seems there are attempts to silence me in this matter.
Tell me to be quiet, and I start yelling - especially when there is a large corporation mistreating ABBA fans.
To all those that are devastated at being left out of the book, I wish to state that I am not done yet.
Even though a well known fan page on facebook has banned me as a member. That shows their lack of support for other ABBA fans - not mine.
Nice to see they have one of the publishers as a member though.
Kind of like letting in the enemy to spy on the situation I think.
If any of them think that one little facebook ABBA group is the main forum for this topic, they are sadly mistaken.

15 March 2014
The publisher is insisting that I confirm or decline their offer.
They are refusing to do a reprint - and telling me that the Pledge Terms & Conditions show they are going beyond what they are obligated to do in this situation.

I assume others with their names missing are being offered a refund also - so, does that make everyone happy ?
I doubt it.

Big corporations against ABBA fans - nice hey ?

12 March 2014
I am requesting a reprint of the Super Trouper Limited Deluxe edition of the Photobook from the publishers due to the numerous mistakes and omissions with the fan names in the book. As this was a major inclusion for this edition, the Publisher has failed to deliver what was advertised and contracted.

Along with the many other issues with this book - misaligned and cut pages, bent pages, ink spots and smears throughout the book, blank pages, damaged boxes, book and dvd's.

I think there is considerable evidence to justify a reprint. With all mistakes and omissions corrected.

If you have issues with your book, please feel free to contact me at info@abbafanatic.com

I received my book today - so many people are receiving damaged books. It is obvious that the damage is occuring during packaging - not during transit. So along with my name missing from the list of fans, this has been a great release.

9 March 2014
As many would know, people have started to receive their copies of ABBA The Official Photobook Super Trouper Deluxe editions.
And as many would also know, there have been many issues with the book so far with only a small portion actually delivered.

The release of the standard edition before the ST edition was the first problem.

Pages in the book mangled and creased due to pages being cut wrong.

Ink smears and spots on some pages.

DVD's loose and scratched.

Boxes damaged.

Fan names listed under incorrect countries - or with wrong town.

And finally, fan names left out of the list of names in the book !

So far, the main response from the publisher (Max Ström Publishers) has been "sorry for the inconvenience".
And no response at all for most people from Pledge Music where the books were ordered.

No doubt damaged and badly printed books will be replaced as will damaged dvd's.

But how to fix the issue of missing names ?

Having the names listed was part of the deal for paying such a huge amount of money, and pre-ordering before 31st December 2013.

Is it really fair to simply refund those who have their names missing ?

That to me is kind of missing the point.

I will not accept this.

If you receive your book and your name is missing, please contact me: info@abbafanatic.com

I am compiling a list of missing names to present to the publisher.

This has been a shameful example of such a special 'Official' release.

If you ordered the book but have not received it yet, please scroll down for images of all the pages with the names - so you can check now for your name and any errors. Photos courtesy of Manu Donnelly https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ABBA-Remember/108463622647599

Those involved with the production of the book - be sure to also contact them with your issues. They are all responsible but the buck really stops with the Publisher.

Publisher: http://www.maxstrom.se/   info@maxstrom.se

http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/abba   info@pledgemusic.com

Pledge have a discussion board for the ABBA project - be sure to comment there as well.

Printer: http://www.graphicom.it/?lang=en   info@graphicom.it

Here is a reminder of what was advertised - and what everyone paid for:

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