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Sunday, 21 November 2010

ABBA's Songwriting Cottage For Sale !

The summer cottage where Benny and Björn worked on hits such as Fernando and Dancing Queen has been put up for sale.

The cottage as we recall it

The cottage has played a rich part in ABBA’s cultural heritage. It has been featured in TV specials, many pictures and even ABBA The Movie.
The fact that it has been so pivotal in the ABBA story is borne out by the inclusion of a faithful recreation of the cottage’s interior in the ABBAWORLD touring exhibition.
The ‘songwriters hut’ belongs to a larger property on the island of Viggsö in Stockholm’s archipelago. It is this property, for sale at SEK 7,000,000 and the property next door that are now for sale.
It is believed that Björn and Lena currently own both properties. Maybe they just didn’t get over there much this Summer?!


  1. Interresting - I'm looking for pictures of the cottage from the other side. On every picture there are shown the same two sides: south and east. I'm looking for the other sides north and west. I would like to build a model of the cottage :-)

    1. Hi Daniel,
      I am unable to help with your quest unfortunately. There are so few images of the cottage - especially in it's original state. I have not come across any photos of the other 2 sides in my searches. I will keep looking though and let you know if I find something. A model of the cottage would be fabulous :)