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Friday, 11 November 2011

ABBA November 1975

In November 1975, 'The Best Of ABBA' was released in Australia.
This album sold over 1 million copies here - when we had a population of just over 14 million.
It stayed at number 1 on the charts for 16 weeks.
It was said that 1 in 4 households in Australia had an ABBA record - my guess is they all had this one !


  1. Hi Roxy
    Always loved the cover on this one. I would stare at it over and over. Loved both the front and back cover. This album just brings back so many happy memories and reminds me how much I love ABBA.

  2. hi Lynette .. you know I have seen so many people say they do not like the picture on the cover of this .. but I am with you .. I adored this cover and it was always my favourite cover and album .. I wonder if for us it is because it was the first one we had ? The first ABBA item with their picture on it .. Maybe because it came out not long after ABBA took Australia by storm and were still climbing the charts with their first hits ... and of course it had those hits and more ! I think it's all these reasons .. they definitely released this at the best time .. it is what I call my 'heart' album :)

  3. Yes Roxy, this is where it all began for me. I think youre right about the reason for us loving the cover, its sentimental.

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  5. I still have this album can't believe it was over 30 years ago I remember the day I got it.