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Friday, 8 November 2013

ABBA The Official Photo Book Update

ABBA In Pictures - full steam ahead!

The work with the new documentary: ABBA IN PICTURES – The Photographers’ Stories, specially produced for the limited editions is moving ahead at full steam. In this film the surviving photographers of ABBA’s most famous pictures are telling the stories behind the pictures. The production team have recently met with Wolfgang ”Bubi” Heilemann who took the famous image of ABBA wrapped in tin foil, the designer Rune Söderqvist and Görel Hanser (Görel is talking about Bengt H. Malmqvist who is no longer alive).
ABBA IN PICTURES – The Photographers’ Stories is included in the limited editions only.
Stay tuned!


ABBA’s designer Rune Söderqvist outside the Julius Kronberg studio at Skansen in Stockholm where the cover image for The Vistitors was taken.

Görel Hanser on the bench (yes, we know it’s been changed!) talking about Bengt H. Malmqvist and the famous bench shot, taken on that very spot in Djurgården in Stockholm.

Wolfgang “Bubi” Heilemann outside Benny and Frida’s old house in Vallentuna north of Stockholm.


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