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Monday, 5 January 2015

Suzi Quatro Big ABBA Fan !


QUOTE: “Beethoven 'was' the pop writer for the classical era. ABBA were influenced by this. It’s in every song they ever wrote.”
Undoutably, Suzi Quatro broke down the barriers for many female rock stars with her
tough leather-clad look and catchy pop/rock tunes during the glam rock years of the
early 70s. A big ABBA fan herself, Suzi enthusiastically accepted the offer to join our
Famous ABBA Fans Gallery. With her fantastic cover of Does Your Mother Know that
she recently recorded, she certainly deserves her place in the ABBA annals. I met
Suzi at the Stag Studios in Essex (“It's a nice little studio. On my new box set there is
the track Desperado with Jeff Beck, and I recorded the piano and the vocals here”),
where she rehearsed for her upcoming BBC radio show in celebration of her 50 years
in the music business.
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