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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

My Little ABBA Interview Plus Collection Pics - 4 March 2019

Mamma Mia Here I Go Again !

Yesterday, 4 March 2019, I did a little TV interview for The Morning Show on Channel 7 here in Australia. It was a segment called 'Superfan'. Such a big build up to doing the interview, and then it's over so quickly ! I enjoyed being able to show off some of my collection though 😄

I decided that since it was only one day out from the 42nd Anniversary of ABBA's first Australian concert (the one I went to) that I should appear on the show in a 1977 Tour costume.
I chose Frida's Dancing Queen dress.
I had this custom made for me by a very talented young lady named Miriam Braithwaite from Miriam's Dress Designs based on the Gold Coast and I think she did a brilliant job, especially when she was only working from photos - and instructions from me.
Miriam even hand weaved the frog closures ! So clever 😀
I did contribute to the costume a little by making the embellishment/applique on the front bottom of the dress - which I think turned out ok with the materials available to me 😊
My fabulous hat was organised for me by my beautiful Aunty, Narelle Cameron and crocheted by Karen Fenton from the Central Coast of NSW.

It felt good to be in such a lovely costume and I am very grateful to those who helped with this.

Thanks Channel 7, The Morning Show, and the 2 fabulous hosts Kylie Gillies and Ryan Phelan - love their intro 😍

Links for the interview video:

The Morning Show on Facebook:

The Morning Show on Twitter - no account needed to watch here:

A little clip showing us watching my interview afterwards - and our reaction to one segment - couldn't help but laugh ! My husband is such a great sport about all of this 😂

Some pics of my costume:

Couldn't resist !

Mamma Mia costume as seen on the show 😃

Some pics of my collection that were shown in the segment plus some extras 😍

It is quite impossible to get photos of my entire collection - not enough space to display it all - but I think these pics are a nice selection 😃

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