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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

ABBA - Rare Original Dancing Queen Audio

Published on Dec 10, 2012
This has a count in intro, a slighly longer intro, the verses in like I said, a very diffferent order, plus the ending is extended where you can really hear Ageths & Frida giving it some welly for the harmonies,is that Frida screeching at the end?

Let me know your thoughts.

As for the video, all I have done is grab a non-UMG video to match it up,kinda, as the video is a different tempo to the sound, but rather than adjust the sound, I just chopped the video where it fell out of synch & put in a crude crossfade. But it's not really the video we are on here for,it's these amazing insights into how these geniuses put their hits together.

Makes me want to get into a time-machine with these tracks, go back, find the producers of Janet Street Porters documentary about "punk" where I saw the punks ripping up a sleeve of ABBA-The Album, go to them,slap their faces & say "so you think they are a hit factory, WRONG punk!" Then walk away, go over to 1976 & 1977 record sales and reel them off, ABBA sold more those years that the over-hyped punk ever did.


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