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Friday, 7 February 2014

ABBA Chosen For Swedish Music Hall Of Fame

Live from the press conference at the Swedish Music Hall of Fame: ABBA has just been chosen to be a part in the hall of fame! Stay posted for more info.


English Translation:

They become the first elected to the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame.Twelve artists and music creators are selected.
Everlife 's first elected .
Today selected the first musicians in the Swedish Music Hall Of Fame
The jury journalists Jan Gradvall , Kersti Adams-Ray , Amethyst Azordegan and Per Sinding - Larsen.
Those selected must have had a long career . The artists must have debuted at least 20 years earlier.
Swedish Hall of Fame is adjacent to the ABBA Museum on Djurgården in Stockholm.
First to take the step into the hall of fame is Everlife .
- You can not embark on a journey through the Swedish music history without getting off a long time at the bus stop Evert Taube says Jan Gradvall .
Hiphop scene is represented by the Latin Kings who drew on the Swedish music map.
- Today's wave of Swedish artists rapping in Swedish can be traced to the Latin Kings , said Kersti Adams-Ray .
Punks Al Green also got a spot.
- Al Green was the most important Swedish punk band and it still says Amethyst Azordegan .
Hard rockers Entombed selected also recorded. Hard rock is today's folk music, according to the jury.
- Hard rock is Swedish folk music with nitarmband instead of folk-dance , says Per Sinding - Larsen.
One of the most awaited elections is ABBA.
- For each year that passes , the stronger and more indestructible seems ABBA's catalog says Kersti Adams-Ray .

Here are all elected:

Evert Taube.

Jan Johansson.

Latin Kings.

National Theatre.

Cornelis Vreeswijk.

Stina Nordenstam.

Al Green.

Eva Dahlgren.


Monica Zetterlund.



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