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Monday, 19 September 2016

ABBA Facebook Group - ABBA Said And Done

Just a little post to let you know about a great ABBA Facebook group called 'ABBA - Said And Done'.

It's a fast paced interactive group with wonderful admins - Petra, Marc, Greg & James - who ensure a happy, friendly and spirited environment for everyone. They are super nice, super crazy and very welcoming :)

You can share everything ABBA related there - videos, photos, your collection, news, information - anything at all.

No harsh rules - no fighting - no bitching - no hectic restrictions - just plenty of fun & conversation.

Be sure to check it out, join the group and meet the gang here:

ABBA - Said And Done

The Welcome message:

Hello and welcome to Abba - Said and Done.
We would like to introduce ourselves as your Admins.
James Buck is from the USA and his favourite Abba member is Agnetha Fältskog. His favourite song is The Name of the Game.
Greg McDonald is an Australian living in Bahrain and he also nominates Agnetha as his favourite of the Fab Four. Greg's favourite song is The Winner Takes It All.
Marc Vanhaeren resides in Belgium and he adores Frida Lyngstad. Marc's favourite song is also The Name of the Game.
And I, Petra Sabina live in Australia and I adore Benny Andersson. My favourite song of all, is Hasta Mañana.
If you are looking for something rare by Abba and having no luck, please feel free to ask one of us to try and find it for you. We will do our very best.
All posts MUST be Abba related. We are on Admin Approval so we will refuse anything that we feel is inappropriate. Anyone trying to post porn or anything else of that nature will immediately be removed from our group.
Please refrain from posting from 'gossip magazines' as the information is very often inaccurate and can cause arguments which we want to avoid.
If you have any complaints to make against another member, something posted that offends you, if anyone abuses you in public or if you receive messages from other members that are upsetting, please message one of us straight away and we will deal with it for you.
We do not allow the selling of merchandise or advertising in our group - even if it is Abba related. However you are allowed to advertise your Abba groups and pages with us.
Our Admin Team reserve the right to remove any posts or abusive comments that we may see. We also reserve the right to remove a member who blocks one of our Admin Team.
Our group is on privacy setting 'Closed' so all posts and comments will be seen by members only.
On that note please enjoy our group.


  1. I miss you very-very much, but you all know the reason why I am unable to comment...Please, play me the song from ABBA 'WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE" (Now,I'm under my birthname RÉZ RÓBERT JÓZSEF. Nothing last forever, so I'll be back as an ACTIVE MEMBER. THANK YOU /I'M HOLDING ON!/

  2. Will you be so kind to play me on New Year's Eve 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'. I'm doing fine and an expert will fix this "Shifted" P.C. of mine. There is NO VIRUS to any personal or F/B friends, who try to get in touch with me at all. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. BST RGDS. ROBERT RÉZ *


  4. Thank you for the music, I did see it. And will you be so kind to play me 'WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE ME".Thank you in advance, ROBERT RÉZ

  5. I do see all your stuff in another secretly laptop, just too tired to log in with the "hobby" computer. Will you publish ABBA I WONDER (club version), fans will like it. THANK YOU. ROBERTJ. RÉZ


  7. CHRIS DeBURGH'S COVER VERSION OF S.O.S. IS VERY GREAT (inluding nice pictures of STOCKHOLM and means a lot for the Scandinavian people and visitors, like me a long-long time ago.)ROBERT RÉZ

  8. Will you be so kind to play us 'MY MAMA SAID' from ABBA. We're not alrite, so we'll gonna feel a lot better. THANK YOU. ROBERT RÉZ