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Saturday, 3 March 2018

ABBA In Australia 1977 - 3rd March Sydney - First Concert 41 Years Ago Today !

Sydney 3rd March 1977

ABBA Live In Sydney !

R.A.S Showground Sydney – 8.30pm

Tickets: $9.00 each - no allocated seating 
"We play Rain or Shine" - I wonder if ABBA rued having that statement on the tickets ?
On Thursday 3rd March 1977, ABBA performed the first of their 11 concerts in Australia. It was held at the Showground in Sydney as there was no Entertainment Centre in Sydney until 1983, and no other indoor venue that could cater for such a show. 
There were 30,000 people at this concert ! 
As many would know, I did quite extensive blog posts about this tour in previous years, so I won't repeat myself too much this year. For those who missed those posts, here is the link for 3rd March 2016:


And the link for 2017:


Photo by Adrian Zorac
The Australian tickets were a very nice piece of memorabilia, with different colours for each venue, two different images used on the front, and all with ABBA's printed signatures on the back.


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