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Thursday, 26 August 2021

New ABBA Music Coming 2 September ! Official !!


ABBA Voyage

OMG are you as excited as me ?

We finally have Official confirmation that something special is happening on 2nd September 2021 !

We first heard that ABBA had recorded new music back on 27th April 2018 - and now it's coming !

But wait - there's more !

There will be a documentary type film which will be shown in conjunction with the long awaited ABBA avatars concert show. Title is 'ABBA Voyage'.

A purpose built theatre is going ahead in London for this show with a (hopefully) Premiere date of May 2022.

A couple of articles about that here: 



So, also perhaps the name of a new album ? I hope so !!

I guess we will know very soon 😀

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Images of the new purpose built theatre in London 😊 




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