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Thursday, 1 October 2015

ABBA School Bags - Fake Reproductions - Buyer Beware !

An ebay seller 'hatwe2014' is selling her fake ABBA bags again !

Buyers Beware !

These bags are fake modern reproductions - not original Australian memorabilia.

I have posted about this before - the last time this seller sold 2 bags on ebay. I dealt personally with this seller - she is a liar and a fraud.

Her name is Chenayde Hatwell and she lives in Perth, Western Australia.

As a very serious ABBA fan and collector, I know for a fact that these bags are NOT original Australian merchandise.

Don't be fooled !

Please pass on this information as much as possible. This seller must be stopped !


The fake bags above - a genuine original below - the differences are very obvious:

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