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Friday, 22 January 2016

ABBA Live Appearance 20 January 2016 - Video & Images - Mamma Mia The Party!

I apologise in advance if I post images that I have already shared - too much excitement !

What an amazing time it has been lately - who would have thought all 4 ABBA members would turn up for the World Premiere of Bjorn's Mamma Mia The Party! restaurant ?

So wonderful to see them all together once more - and no doubt for the last time. Some really sweet images from this - Frida & Agnetha hanging on to each other - Frida's hand on Benny's cheek - Agnetha & Bjorn interacting - doesn't get better than this at this time.

Check out this video also - shows all 4 arriving at the restaurant - and each member speaks - in English !


More images:


  1. Oh yes no doubt for the last time...!

  2. The last moments of joy for us who love all together..!

  3. The last moments of joy for us who love all together..!