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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mick Jagger Visits ABBA The Museum !

The Rolling Stones legend knows what's really important.
The Rolling Stones are currently in Stockholm, where they will do a concert at the Tele2 Arena tonight. Last night Mick Jagger visited ABBA The Museum, where museum curator Ingmarie Halling showed him around the premises for 45 minutes.
According to Expressen, who talked to Ingmarie Halling and Björn Ulvaeus, The Rolling Stones are planning a similar museum dedicated to their own career in London. Mick took a lot of pictures with his mobile, "asked a thousand questions" and also tried out the hologram where you can perform with the four ABBA members.
But now to the really important stuff: Mick Jagger left the premises with a tour t-shirt and a copy of ABBA - The Backstage Stories, the book written by Ingmarie Halling and me. So if you want to be like Mick, click here to learn more about the book and to order your copy.

Carl Magnus Palm


From Expressen:

Now, Mick Jagger copy ABBA
Mick Jagger tested ABBA Museum and sang with hologram ABBA.

Now, Expressen tell about the secret plan for a Rolling Stones museum in London.

- That's why he wanted to come and watch, says Björn Ulvaeus.

After Sunday's nocturnal adventures at Café Opera took the Rolling Stones lie.

Then began the build-up to tonight's gig at Tele 2 Arena.

Mick Jagger left the Grand Hotel first at eight o'clock in the evening.

He was escorted out the back door into a raven Mercedes.

A bunch of guards beating an iron ring around Jagger to protect him from the fans.

- Hello there! he shouted.

Then they traveled against Djurgården in Stockholm.

Where swung the car up outside a hotel located adjacent to the ABBA museum.

Mick Jagger had arranged a private tour with the requirement to have come after closing.

- I heard that he would go there. I suspect it will be like for them in London. That was why he wanted to come and watch, says Björn Ulvaeus.

Curator Ing-Marie Halling was the one who showed up around rock star.

"Did thousand questions"

She confirms plans for a Rolling Stones museum.

- It was an inspirational visit. He said they have saved a lot of clothes, they'll show up. He was really cute, and asked a thousand questions, she says.

Mick Jagger took many pictures with his smartphone during the hour-long visit.

But he also took the opportunity to play ABBA.

Rock Star stood namely the stage where one can perform with ABBA projected as a hologram.

- He was very curious and asked practical questions, says Ing-Marie Halling.


Djurgården stayed Jagger's car right outside the entrance to the Melody Hotel, which is adjacent to the ABBA museum.
Photographer: Stefan Söderström

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