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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Frida - Pop Princess Turns 70 - Danish Article

Swedish Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad with his Danish record label executive, Jerry Ritz, from Hørsholm. Here photographed in the TV studio in Søborg in 1982. Photo: Jan Persson

From SN Denmark


Pop Princess Turns 70

Princess Anni-Frid Reuss von Plauen - or as he previously called Anni-Frid Lyngstad Synni - or most simply 'Frida', the brunette in the Swedish success group ABBA.

Her voice is known worldwide for ABBA songs as' Fernando 'and' Knowing me, Knowing You. These songs will remember most, but it's probably still very few who remember Frida's birthday. On Sunday she will be 70 years.

Frida was born November 15, 1945 in the small town Ballangen in Norway. She was the result of a romantic affair between a young German sergeant Alfred Hasse, who came to Ballangen in 1943 during World War II and a handsome young Norwegian girl Synni Lyngstad. After the war left Alfred Hasse Norway and went back to Germany before his daughter was born.

When Frida was 18 months old, she moved with her mother and grandmother to Torshäll in Sweden. A few months after the family arrived in Sweden, died Frida's mother and her grandmother became responsible for her.

Already 11 years old debuted Frida as a singer at an event to benefit the Red Cross. Two years after she was 13 years old engaged as a singer in a local dance band and went on for the next eight years as a singer in various dance bands.

The date '3 September 1967 "was of great importance for tomorrow fødselars career. It was the day when Sweden went from driving on the left to driving on the right. All drivers were advised to stay at home, which meant that many watched TV that night, where Frida television debut in the popular entertainment program "Hyland hörna '.

Then it went in quick succession. She toured with various soloists and jazz pianist Charlie Norman. There were send for her and in 1969 she put up by Melodifestivalen (Swedish Eurovision) which was later to have such an impact on her career with the song "Härlig är spring earth 'that were placed in fourth place.

1969 was also the year where she met Benny Andersson, and they formed shortly after the couple. Frida's seventh single for EMI called 'Peter Pan' and was recorded in September 1969. Set in ABBA's tortuous path to later fame, an interesting case because the fact was the first song by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus wrote.

There should, however, go a few years before Frida was the big breakthrough Sven peak, the Swedish newspapers wrote: "1971 Fridas years!" - Without knowing what future awaited the next world champion.

Although I came the first time on Anni-Frida "Frida" Lyng finery name when I year later in 1972 started at EMI, which had the rights to the then small Swedish record label Polar. The first time I met Frida was when she and the quartet with the long name "Björn, Benny and Agnetha, Frida 'stood for Melodifestivalen with the song' Ring Ring '. In order to break through internationally the name of the group the following year changed to ABBA when they won the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Waterloo'.

For fifteen years I had pleasure to work closely Frida, both in the ABBA-time and subsequently with her solo release. I saw at close quarters the development and growing popularity, from coming to Denmark for the first time. We had arranged that they should sign the records in a record store on Stroget, where despite the announcement did not come an eye to meeting ABBA. It culminated with the top spot on the charts and sold-out concerts.

Frida earned a lot of money and a standard question for her from the press were:- How is it to be rich?She replied with a twinkle in his eye:- This means not that great, because you've only got the use of a washing machine.Frida, who resides in Zermatt in Switzerland, has been married three times and is the widow of Prince RUZZO Reuss von Plauen, who she was married to in Hørsholm Church August 26, 1992.Why Hørsholm Church I asked her, and she replied:- My mother had told us that it was so romantic out on a small island, and so it was there!It took place in secret. In addition to the bridal couple and the priest was only the groom's mother present. They got only seven years together, after which he died of cancer in 1999. Today she forms pair with a wealthy Englishman Henry Smith.Fridas latest musical proposal is back from 1996 in purely Swedish album 'Djupa andetag'. She is active in the music business anymore. Today she spends its time and money on environmental and humanitarian work.

Congratulations Frida.

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