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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Email From Björn Ulvaeus - Mamma Mia! The Party ! Updated 15 April !

Update: 15 April 2015

Press conference being set up right now !

I cannot believe I have just received an email from Björn Ulvaeus personally !

What an absolute thrill !! :)

I am sure many others received it also - but I still feel special :D

This is what the email says:

For quite a while I’ve been working on a cool experimental thing which
is actually beginning to feel ready. Today I’ll post this in my own and
ABBA’s social channels.

I really hope you like it and if you feel that your readers would feel 
the same I’d love for you to share it.
Björn Ulvaeus"
How cool is that ?

Two links - one for the Mamma Mia! The Party website - join up to follow what happens:


And a youtube video with Bjorn - a teaser for Mamma Mia! The Party:


I wonder where this is heading ?? How exciting !! :)

Update - new email:

"Great to hear you’re interested. I’ve been working on this experiment for quite a while now and it’s actually starting to feel ready.I’ll get back to you as soon as there’s more I can reveal.
Björn Ulvaeus"


  1. clever idea. I'm looking foward to what will happen next.

  2. Jag skulle önska mej en ukulele banjo