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Sunday, 6 March 2016

ABBA Live In Melbourne Australia 6th March 1977

ON THIS Day – 6th March 1977

ABBA Live In Australia !

Sidney Myer Music Bowl – 2.30pm
King’s Domain, Linlithgow Avenue, Melbourne

Tickets: $12.50 Reserved Seating – 2000 tickets
$9.00 Lawn Area

Sound Rehearsal: 12.00pm

Show 1: 2.30pm
Show 2: 8.30pm

14,500 tickets sold to each event.

ABBA's Itinerarary:

Sunday March 6th

Concerts Two performances

Venue Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Kings Domain, Melbourne

Sound rehearsal: 12 noon

Depart hotel 11.30 a.m.

Show time (no. 1) 2.30 p.m.

Return to hotel 5.00 p.m. (if required)

Depart hotel 7.00 p.m.

Show time (no. 2) 8.30 p.m.

Return to hotel When ready

On Sunday 6th March 1977 ABBA performed the second of their 3 concerts in Melbourne at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl – a day concert starting at 2.30pm.

They then returned again at 8.30pm that night for their last show in Melbourne.
Performing 2 shows in a day would have taken quite a lot of effort I’m sure – and ABBA did this 3 times while they were in Australia - once in Melbourne and twice in Perth.

And yet, not once did they appear less than fabulous when performing – the performances were always energetic, fun and full of joy. They gave it all their when they were on that stage, no matter what.
It would have been an amazing thing to have seen ABBA in concert during a day show. Totally different experience to a night show I would think.

I think I would prefer the night one though – there is something quite special about sitting in darkness and watching that beautifully lit stage.

As with the previous concert here, both shows were sold out – and there were still just as many people outside the fence during the shows. Melbourne was certainly making the most of this opportunity.

Bjorn was still not well during these performances and it is likely that some songs were omitted as with the night before – but there is no way to know for sure what may have been left out. There is no known full recording from the 2.30 show – and no confirmed recording for the evening show.

From the recordings I do have, I have chosen ‘I Am An A’ for the audio to accompany this ‘On This Day’ post, as I think it’s time to introduce the members of ABBA, in their own words.

One thing I really love about the day show in particular, is the beautiful photos – the few I have added below show just how stunning the colours all looked without those bright lights kind of blurring them all together.

Unfortunately there is not a lot to add for the concerts performed on 6th March as there were no major articles written or photos published. Gosh, all over you like a rash one day – ignoring you the next ! lol
This is where it would be wonderful if someone who attended either of these concerts – or any others – could share their experiences. Help give a more rounded view of these shows.

The 8.30pm show would be the last concert for Melbourne, but ABBA would remain in Melbourne on Monday 7th March – and enjoy some rest and relaxation before heading to their next destination, Adelaide.

Unfortunately, Bjorn was too sick to enjoy the day out with the others and opted to stay at the hotel to rest.

Stay tuned for more !


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  2. I love ABBA Songs I grew up listening to their songs since they are one of my parents favorite band
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  3. My Favourite part of the concert was the mini musical, especially the Drum/percussion instrumental dance number. I wish there was clear recordings of it.