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Sunday, 13 March 2016

ABBA Live In Perth Australia 13th March 1977

ON THIS Day – 13th March 1977

ABBA Live In Australia !

Well my friends, and fellow fans, today we farewell ABBA from Australia.

At 7.30pm ABBA boarded their plane at Perth airport and flew home to Sweden.
It was a very sad feeling to know that they were leaving our country – we had no idea it would be the last time we would see them here.

What an amazing time it was between 27th February and 13th March 1977.
Over 4300 kilometres travelled, 4 capital cities, 11 concerts, 160,000 tickets sold.

Australia had never experienced anything like this Tour before – it was the first of its kind for us.
And ABBA had never experienced anything like Australia before.
Neither ABBA, nor Australia, would see anything like this again.

We gave them everything Australia had to offer.
Torrential rain, gale force winds, thousands of insects, illness, injury – glorious sunshine, beautiful harbours and bays for sailing, unique wildlife (and no, I don’t mean the fans !) – harassing media,  pushy politicians, a bomb threat – and thousands upon thousands of screaming, maniacal, adoring fans wherever they went.

In return, ABBA gave us everything they had to offer – and they were truly magnificent.
They took everything we threw at them – with style, grace, humour and a fabulous level of energy.

When they came to Australia, it was mania in the true sense of the word. To say it was a crazy time is an understatement.
By the time they left here, that mania was evolving into a deep and true respect and admiration for this magnificent and phenomenal group of Swedes – and it continues to this day.

They gave us the time of our lives – nothing else would ever compare – and we thank you ABBA from the bottom of our hearts.

They came - they saw - they endured - they conquered !


  1. I'm sure they would have had some happy memories of their time here as well.
    Thank you Roxanne for taking us back to a much happier time.

  2. Those were the days. A Golden Era!

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